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The Return of The Video Gallery!

If you’ve been a visitor to this fansite for awhile, you might remember that I used to have a video site on here before. Unfortunately it was hosted by an undependable company who shut it down rather than providing support when I needed it. Anyway, thanks to Fan Sites, we have the Clayne Crawford Video Gallery again! It’ll take me awhile to get everything loaded to it and I will still upload to YouTube if the show is not blocked on YouTube (like Fox and CBS shows, etc), but in the end, we will eventually have one site that has all of Clayne’s videos on it! These videos can be embedded as well so please, spread the Clayne love!


Hiatus Explanation & Massive Gallery Update
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Hiatus Explanation & Massive Gallery Update

I’m sorry for the lack of updates. I put both of my fanpages on hiatus for a while to deal with some personal issues. I’m attempting to get everything updated.  Right now, Clayne is currently in Georgia filming Season 2 of Rectify so I guess it won’t be returning really soon but hopefully there is something else coming up soon!
Enjoy the updates!

Click on the links below to go to gallery:

Events > 2013 > Atlantic Film Festival

Events > 2013 > Sundance on the Set – Rectify

Events > 2013 > Sundance Channel Celebration at Sundance Film Festival

Movies > The Baytown Outlaws > Official Pictures from The Baytown Outlaws

Movies > NYC Underground

Movies > Tinker > Tinker – Behind the Scenes

TV Shows > Graceland > 2013 – 1×10 King’s Castle

TV Shows > Rectify > 2013 – 1×04 Shiny Things

TV Shows > Rectify > 2013 – 1×05 Drip, Drip

TV Shows > Rectify > 2013 – 1×06 Jacob’s Ladder

TV Shows > Rectify > 2013 – Season 1 Promo Stills

TV Shows > Rogue > Behind the Scenes – Filming

Videos & Pics Added for:

Shorts > Baby

Shorts > F8

Shorts > God’s Beach

Shorts > Surrounded

Movies > Kingshighway – Not Released Yet

Movies > One Blood Planet

Movies > Warrior Road

Movies > While We Were

TV Shows > All Signs of Death (Pilot)


New Clayne Crawford Video Gallery
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New Clayne Crawford Video Gallery

Although its not completed or even fully designed, I’m opening the video gallery mainly because YouTube keeps blocking videos on our channel. Apparently you can’t upload anything by NBC, CBS, Fox, FX, A&E, etc. (don’t even get me started about YouTube’s blocking policies!) That leaves out a great deal of Clayne’s TV roles in addition to some movies that are owned by their parent companies! So ALL uploads will be on the Clayne Crawford Fans Video Channel. There is also a section for fanvideos so if you’ve made a fanvideo with Clayne in it, please feel free to join the video channel and upload it!


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Do you have questions for Clayne Crawford?

Clayne has agreed to answer fan questions so here’s your opportunity to ask! I don’t have all the details yet about how he’ll answer (video? on here? etc) but I will post when I know. Please keep your questions respectful. If we deem the question to be intrusive on his personal life, we’ll contact you but will not forward the question to him. So keep it clean folks and let them roll! Make sure to include your email address. It won’t show on the post but I will see it from the admin page. Otherwise I won’t be able to let you know how he’s going to answer!


Also, for anyone following @claynecrawford on Twitter – its not really him. That person hasn’t tweeted anything yet anyway but just wanted to let you know that its not him. He also said he doesn’t have a Facebook page. A far as I know there is only one ‘fan’ one in addition to ours and she states that it IS a fan & doesn’t claim to be him but if you see someone claiming to be him, its a fake.


Gallery Updates!  2100+ more pics
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Gallery Updates! 2100+ more pics

Added another 2100+ pics to the gallery!

Movies > A Walk to Remember > 2002 A Walk to Remember Screencaps

Movies > False Prophets > 2006 False Prophets Screencaps

Movies > Feel > 2006 Feel Screencaps

Movies > On the Doll > 2007 On the Doll Screencaps

Movies > Swimfan > 2002 Swimfan Screencaps

Movies > Swimfan > 2002 Swimfan Deleted Scenes

Movies > The Baytown Disco (Coming Soon) > Baytown Disco – Behind the Scenes

Movies > Unknown > 2006 Unknown Screencaps

Movies > Wristcutters: A Love Story > 2006 Wristcutters: A Love Story Screencaps

Movies > X’s & O’s > 2007 X’s & O’s Screencaps

Movies > X’s & O’s > 2007 X’s & O’s Deleted Scenes Screencaps

Movies > X’s & O’s > 2007 X’s & O’s Gag Reel Screencaps

Shorts – Added all video clips of available shorts

TV Shows > 24  – Added all 9 episodes

TV Shows > Burn Notice > 2010 A Dark Road Screencaps

TV Shows > Roswell > 2001 Behind the Music Screencaps

TV Shows > Roswell > 2001 Behind the Music Episode Stills

TV Shows > Roswell > 2002 Panacea Screencaps


All TV episodes have now be added except the ones that aren’t available – Gemini Division and All Signs of Death (which was an HBO Pilot)

The only movies  that still need to be added are:

The Perfect Host

The Donner Party

The Great Raid

Evil Remains/Trespassing

These are in process and will be done this month for sure!