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Gallery Update

I have tried to get all the items I was missing added to the gallery. I still need to add the Clayne Crawford Foundation events but I need to finish gathering those. If you have any photos to donate from those events, please email me at!


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Gallery: ‘New’ Photoshoot from 2016 and Saturday’s Monster Jam Celebrity Event!

I just found this photoshoot of the Rectify cast in 2016 from The Wrap. And Clayne took his sons to the Monster Jam Celebrity Event!!


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Gallery Update



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The 20 Best (And 5 Worst!) TV Shows of 2016

ET – From the birth of consciousness to the afterlife, find out what made EW TV Critic Jeff Jensen’s top 20 list of shows to watch and the top five that aren’t worth your time (or space on your DVR).



BEST: 7. Rectify (Sundance)

There might have been no better scene on TV this year than the sequence in Rectify’s season 4 premiere when ex-con Daniel Holden (Aden Young) speaks of guilt, loneliness, and an alienation so great he’s forgotten what’s real and can’t decide if he even deserves his existence. “This may sound hokey as s—,” his new mentor tells him, “but you got to figure out some way to love yourself.” In the quiet, precise poetry of creator Ray McKinnon’s mystery of character, there’s no BS — only a thoughtful pursuit of truth, even as “truth” remains elusive and fogged. I could linger forever in its ambiguities, but that might be missing McKinnon’s concluding points. An increasingly wrenching final season has dialed down the surrealism as Daniel’s hazy-headed journey approaches hard revelations. Watching Daniel and his family try to divorce themselves from what’s obsolete — pain, careers, each other — and step into the future as new creations has been a teary, bittersweet joy. By the finale, I might be borrowing against next year’s Kleenex budget.

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Rectify Series Finale Promo and Sneak Peaks!

Tomorrow wraps up our four year journey with the Talbot and Holden Families. I really hope that we see that them finding a little peace and resolution so they can move on!


RECTIFY Episode 408 Sneak Peek: All I’m Sayin’

Daniel begins to appreciate his progress as he realizes what his new life may look like, while the old life is quickly disappearing for Teddy. Jon debriefs Janet and Amantha on what he has learned about Daniel’s case.