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      1. After having had time to really look at your handy work, I’m very impressed!
        You and your “team” did a beautiful job on this site. I’m flattered and grateful!!!!
        Thank you for showing interested in something I care so deeply about.
        THANK YOU!
        Clayne C

        1. Wow, you are sneaky! You didn’t sign your first two comments! hahaha

          I’m a little stunned. I figured you wouldn’t know about the site for awhile but I’m glad you did find out. I did tell a woman that emailed me on Vimeo who said she knew you. I’m thrilled you liked it. There was a lot of ‘this seems like Clayne’ going on in the design but that was based on the few interviews and behind the scenes clips that I had. I wanted to start the site in 2010 but really wasn’t much on the web about you without a lot of digging then. But after your second appearance on Leverage, I mentioned it to Kirstie and Anjalee and they both said ‘YES! Let’s do it.’ Your Leverage fans have grown quite a bit after you started fighting with Christian and stopped beating up on him πŸ˜‰

          Maybe now that you know about the site, you’ll give us an exclusive interview (print or video is good :P) with questions from your fans. πŸ™‚ And you can also tell us when we screw up and post incorrect information lol I hope you’ve got lots of work coming up. You’re a really great actor and I’d like to see you go far. So far everything I’ve watched of yours has been impressive and you got me hooked on Season 8 of 24 and Jericho (although, seriously, please stop dying on screen!) And we’re all eagerly awaiting some of your films that have wrapped but aren’t released yet – especially Kingshighway and The Baytown Disco.

          Have a great Easter!
          ~Ali Kat

          PS Is the @claynecrawford on Twitter really you? Or a fake.

          1. Would love to answer questions.

            Not me on twitter or Facebook.

            Never moved to La for Baseball. Acting was always my driving force. Not sure who started rumors that it was all by accident.

            Kane and I have been boys since 2000, beating up on one another is something we look forward to.

            Thank you for the constant updates! My family now have a way to keep up with me.

            THANKS AGAIN!!!!

          2. We’ll correct that part about baseball in your bio. At least it will be right here. πŸ™‚ I’ve tweeted that’s not your account on Twitter. I had already been told by Al Thompson on Twitter that it wasn’t so I was 99% sure it wasn’t you.

            I’ll post something on the site that will allow fans to post questions and let you know after we screen them. (Don’t want them to be tooo personal ;)) Would you mind if I use your email if I need to contact you? I don’t want to assume its okay just because you gave it to me on here.

            I think Kane just likes to beat people up (on screen). For fun. lol But hey, we like that about him. And it was great to see him have to work for it the first time but you two working together was great. You and Wil Wheaton were hysterical too. It would be great to see you at the Leverage convention in the UK this November. You should get Christian to get you invited. Your name has been said as many a ‘wish list’ for guests.

            Hi to your family! And you’re very welcome πŸ™‚

  1. Damn! So glad I found this site! It is very well presented for a damn good actor I am very chuffed to have discovered recently. Will drop by again.
    Love from South Africa….


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