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2002 Q&A with Clayne Crawford at the Premiere of “A Walk to Remember”


  What attracted you to this part?
  It’s my first studio film. It’s a beautiful story – I think that attracted me. It’s a story about love and there   weren’t any car chases, there weren’t any explosions and there wasn’t any gunfire and that’s what America needs. America needs that.

  Will guys relate to this as well as women?
Absolutely – guaranteed. Guys will be like “Man, I don’t want to go watch this Mandy Moore movie,” then they’ll get in the movie theatre – I’ll tell you right you – that they’re going to be happy. They’re going to enjoy the film. I guarantee they might even cry.

You’ll guarantee that?
(Laughing) I’m not going to guarantee it but they’ve got to get a little emotional, it’s a great film. It’s beautiful.

What was it like working with Mandy Moore and Shane West?
It was great. We all went out to North Carolina and became a family. We became a family while we were out there and I think that’s what makes the film so cool. There was so much love involved and it was awesome. I don’t care what happens with this film, I made friends for life and that’s the best thing in the world.

How would you describe your character in “A Walk to Remember?”
He’s the bad guy. He ends up showing that he has a heart and it’s not so much that he’s a bad guy, he’s just a kid.

What’s next for you?
Right now I’m working on a film called “Midsummer’s Night Rave” that we’re trying to get going. The beautiful Lauren German is in this with me again. It’s a take-off on Shakespeare, modern day, set in a rave. It’s quite a stretch, quite different. It’s not real media-friendly with all the publicity about the raves and drug use, but it’s a beautiful script.


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