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Clayne Crawford’s The Truth in Being Right Screening & Nominated at BNFF

The Truth in Being Right, a short film with Clayne Crawford in it, is going to be screened at the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival where it is nominated in their 2012 Short Film Category.


12-2136-SHORT                          The Truth In Being Right (24m, U S A)

dir. by Benjamin Eck

Short Film (Special Cast – Judson Mills, Sean Faris, Clayne Crawford, Thom Barry)


After his death, a legendary Rock Star is replaced by a look-a-like when his two brothers attempt to continue benefiting from his success.


Screening: Thurs. – April 19, 2012 @ The Market Arcade Film & Arts Center, Buffalo, NY


 –       Wooden Bones: The Sunken Fleet of 1758 (Doc, 58m)

–       The Truth in Being Right (SH, 24m)


More about the film:


It’s 1975; Frankie Right is the biggest rock star on the face of the planet – bigger than Zeppelin bigger than the Stones. He’s managed by his older brother Mel and his younger brother Jake. These are three brothers from the back woods of Louisiana, raised from nothing. Now that Frankie has paved the way for them, they’ve grown accustomed to their wealthy lives and refuse to return to having nothing. There’s one problem though, their cash cow brother, Frankie just died from a heroin overdose.Mel the quick thinking older brother knows that without Frankie they’re nothing, so he devises a plan to find a look-a-like to replace Frankie and keep the cash flow steady. The replacement is Jimmy Foreman, a Frankie Right look-a-like contest winner who accepts the offer as his “big break”.

With Jimmy in Frankie’s place, he quickly realizes that he can never be famous on his own terms. Jimmy loses his cool and begins to destroy the Frankie Right Legacy. The brothers don’t take kindly to this and seek another replacement. How many replacements will it take before they find the right one? That’s the question we’re left with in The Truth in Being Right.

 Clayne Crawford plays Carl Weintraub in the film


CLOSING AWARDS CELEBRATION – Sat. April 21st – 6:30pm  

Tickets for filming and awards ceremony are here: BNFF Tickets. For more information follow BNFF on Twitter: @BNFF or on their website – BNFF

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