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Do you have questions for Clayne Crawford?

Clayne has agreed to answer fan questions so here’s your opportunity to ask! I don’t have all the details yet about how he’ll answer (video? on here? etc) but I will post when I know. Please keep your questions respectful. If we deem the question to be intrusive on his personal life, we’ll contact you but will not forward the question to him. So keep it clean folks and let them roll! Make sure to include your email address. It won’t show on the post but I will see it from the admin page. Otherwise I won’t be able to let you know how he’s going to answer!


Also, for anyone following @claynecrawford on Twitter – its not really him. That person hasn’t tweeted anything yet anyway but just wanted to let you know that its not him. He also said he doesn’t have a Facebook page. A far as I know there is only one ‘fan’ one in addition to ours and she states that it IS a fan & doesn’t claim to be him but if you see someone claiming to be him, its a fake.

67 Comments on “Do you have questions for Clayne Crawford?”

  1. How different was it returning to ‘Leverage’ in “The Last Dam Job” compared to appearing in “The First David Job?” And what are the odds you’ll be back again (asked hopefully)?

    Also, I loved “disliking” Lance on Justified. I only wish you’d been in more episodes so that I could have disliked him longer. What was your favorite scene to film for ‘Justified’, and why?

    1. First leverage was Kane and I wrestling all day. Second leverage was Kane and I being Kane and I. 2nd ep was hands down Best of the two.
      Justified- bathroom scene was fun, but first scene in the infirmary was awesome.
      Great show!

      1. Clayne…heard about you getting outed from LW…that really sucks..we all have moments in our lives when we make’s all part of being human. the show will be nothing without you. it’s unfortunate they will not forgive and take another route for a solution that will work. the show will not be successful without you.
        anyway that caused me to search online about it and came across your foundation..the clayne crawford foundation as well as the farm to table..i had no are such a multi faceted person. you should be very proud of what you have created and started. i wish you and yours the very well as hoping another show or gig will pick you up. you would bring so much to whatever you do. blessings

  2. Would you be up for attending a UK Leverage convention this November called Con-2, we would love to have you there!

    Also what can you tell us about your role in Baytown Disco?

      1. Hey Joey, Im a friend of a friend from Hawaii. I first saw you in rectify had to see more of your work. That is the only reason I started to watch Lethal Weapon. I am totally bummed that you are not coming back for a season 3 regardless of the reason. I look forward to anything you are a part of in the future. Now get back to work soon, please. Aloha Always Ka’ila

  3. Hi Clayne, thanks for doing this! Any chance of you going back to “The Glades” for Season 3 to play Ray again? (Love him!) Also what do you think your favorite role has been so far (if you have a favorite that is)?

    1. Don’t think I’ll go back to the Glades. Wasn’t a fan.
      My role in Baytown was the most fun I’ve ever had with clothes on
      We laughed ALL day everyday!!

  4. I love your range of emotion in all the roles you’ve played though you tend to play the bad guy or the not so good guy quite often it’s very enjoyable to watch. Do you gravitate to these roles intentionally? Would you ever consider acting in anything science fiction or medieval fantasy related?

    1. Certainly the “bad guys” are, I fell, more layered. Interesting. They usually experience the most change throughout the story. I find the flawed characters have limitless possibilities.
      Love Scifi

    1. The after party for the premiere of A walk to remember. Riley Smith introduced us… I think. After that it was all down hill

  5. Hi, Clayne. I’ve seen several tats on your body. Are they all real & what do they mean?

    Also, I LOVE you & CK in Leverage, especially in the Last Dam Job. Please tell me you’ll return in Season 5!

    1. All tats are mine. Personal. My scrap book.
      We are trying to make season 5 work. We’ll see.
      Always fun working with those guys.

  6. What got you into acting? What type do you like doing best out of TV, Movies or shorts? I absolutley loved The Perfect Host and everything else I’ve gladly discovered thanks to the FYCC site.

    1. I got into acting because I had bulls**ted my way through life, thought id try and make a living @ it. Then i feel in love with the process and execution of film making.

      I usually choose my jobs based on the characters, rarely is the medium a deciding factor.

      Thank you. I enjoyed shooting the perfect host. David was so wonderful, it was one of those dream jobs. Rare.

    1. Forgive me, not sure what CV stands for
      Unfortunately I only speak English and not that well. I do have Rosetta stone (Spanish) and do plan on downloading it soon.
      Skills – I’m a man of many useless skills. Non of which warrent mentioning.

    1. My nxt role is tv and I’m extremely excited. AMC and Sundance…gonna be the best of both worlds. Great writing and it’s a regular gig. Hopefully.

  7. Yay! Glad to see you dive right in 🙂 Of course I have lots of questions but I’ll try to limit them.

    ~ What is a current TV show you’d like to guest star or get a regular role on?

    ~ Have you traveled a lot to film? What is your favorite place to visit (for business or pleasure) and what other places do you really want to go?

    ~ Who have you acted with that had you starstruck a bit (or a lot)? And which actors/actresses have you learned the most from?

    ~ Is it frustrating to do a lot of independent films that might not be released for years after you’re finished filming? Any news on the release dates of Kingshighway and Brooklyn to Manhattan?

    A couple of years ago, I saw an interview you did during the Steel City premier and you were so funny, me and my friends were tweeting lines from it back and forth on twitter for weeks. LOL We still laugh about Martha Stewart & the wasabi wings and the watchband with no watch – ‘story of my life – can, no can opener; kool-aid, no sugar’ Also your short videos you did with Ross – nuts!

    1. Understand that steelcity premiere was in las Vegas… Maybe that explains the interview.
      I had way 2 much fun. Obviously.

      Ross is a smart guy. He’s given me an opportunity to really stretch my wings as an actor, comedically.

      Indie film is challenging for many reasons, but wonderful @ the same time. It was my “acting college”. Brooklyn nor Kings will ever see the light of day. Politics, producers and lawsuits. Boo

      Andre Braugher (spelling could be wrong) is my acting hero. His stillness inspires me. Love working with that man. Jamie Brown – Badass actress.

      Lots of traveling. New Orleans and NY. I’m a food guy so – those city’s rock my core.
      Thousands of places I hope to visit! I work so I can eat well and travel.

      Boardwalk empire is the show I want to work on. Huge fan.

      Thank you again for all you’ve done. I’m genuinely impressed and flattered.


      1. Yeah it looks like you had fun 🙂 Nothing wrong with that lol

        That makes me so sad about Brooklin and Kingshighway especially since you directed Kings too. That sucks. But hopefully we’ll get to see Baytown Disco very soon. I’m excited about that. And you have the Rectify coming up too. That sounds intriguing.

        We’re trying to get you invited to the Leverage Convention in the UK in November. Christian is close to the organizer so maybe you can put the bug in his ear. I’m sure he has more pull than we do.

        You might want to consider getting on Twitter for real though. Its a great way to interact with your fans. And a lot of your former co-stars/directors/writers/friends are on there. I’m following Griffin Hood and that’s how I find out updates on Baytown. And since you’re an actor and the person who has your name on Twitter is using your pic, its basically impersonation (but not tweeting – don’t worry) so I think Twitter will allow you to get it back.If you want I can check into it and let you know.

        You’re welcome. Its really a pleasure to support someone so humble and immensely talented. I was telling Kirstie that I was so thrilled that you turned out to be such a nice and gracious guy. It makes it that much more rewarding for us!


  8. Thank you so much for doing this for us!

    I too have lots of questions but will limit it to two!

    1. Was there a point when you almost gave up on your dream of acting? If so what changed your mind and made you hang in there

    2. If you could play any character from a classic film then who would it be?

    1. I’ve been @ this since ’96, so yes indeed, I’ve wanted to throw in the towel. Each time I realize its my path. Not to mention I didn’t give myself an out. Acting is the only thing I’ve done, no other training. No other options.

      I have erased 4 answers for question #2. Sooo many…
      Maybe time will help me narrow it down.

      Thank you for everything you’ve done. It’s nice you guys enjoy what I do – seeing it means so much to me.
      Thx again!

  9. From your comments, you indicated that you didn’t enjoy The Glades as much as some of your other roles. My question is then, what makes a role more fun to film, for you? The character, the script, the colleagues, or does it just come down to which set has the best lunch table? 😛 What makes it FUN? As apposed to it being, ‘a job’.

    1. Ha! The food was fine. Although that is important, not a deal breaker.

      Zero creative freedom. And forgive me if this sounds snide but I personally don’t care what A&E executives think about scripted material. Let’s be honest these guys brought us Storage Wars, Billy the Exterminator and endless Repeats of First 48hrs and CSI Miami.

      The Script is the most important element. Its all about the words, words, words. Then the visionaries. (Dir, prod, etc..)
      The “fun” comes from a mutual respect for one another and the project, it must be a collaboration.

  10. Hi Clayne, I don’t have any questions, as others have asked ones similar to what i’d have asked. I just wanted to say that you’re an amazing actor who brings life and dimension to whatever character you play. You’re a joy to watch. Keep up the great work. x

  11. Hey Clayne! So nice of you to answer questions. You mention above that you’re a “food guy”, so what’s your favorite food or type of food? And do you cook as well or are you a strictly ‘eat at restaurants’ kind of guy?

    Loved, loved, loved you on Justified! And I love catching glimpses of you on the different shows where you’ve guested. I always get excited and say “ooh, that’s Clayne!”

    1. Hi Kim
      My favorite foods.. ANYTHING local – fresh – organic, free range. Yes I cook! I live on a farm in Alabama, where I raise chickens and cattle and grow (organically) all heirloom veggies. From my farm to my table! Beautiful.
      I want my children to respect the land and the foods it provides.

  12. Hey CC,
    I have a few questions for you….
    1. What is the BEST and WORST night of your life?
    2. What state would love to work in next or full time?
    Thanks love 😉

  13. Oh and one more :). I read in previous comments you loved The Baytown Disco..”most fun with your clothes on!” What was the best part and most fun about that one? Thanks

    1. I laughed all day, everyday on Baytown. We loved each and every moment.
      Boys with guns… Come on!

  14. Hi Clayne
    I just wanted to apologize, It was 8th grade, and it has bothered me for a really long time. You have forgotten it I am sure, but I have not, So I say that I am sorry. You are doing a great job and we all love you’re movies. Good luck on the future.

    Thanks for You’re Time

    1. I’m not sure what this is in reference to but if whatever this is about will offend Clayne, please delete this post. This is not the place for that.

  15. Hi Clayne,
    I think it’s great that you are answering questions!! I just have to say that I love Baytown Outlaws!!! You are so HOT in that movie!! I think you should keep that look 🙂 It sounds like that movie really hits home with you….being from Alabama! I have 3 questions:
    1) Will you be making a sequel of that movie?
    2) What do you like to do in your spare time?
    3) Are you seeing anyone LOL 😉

    1. Glad to hear you enjoyed Baytown. Sorry for my delayed reply. In the midst of Rectify season 2.
      No talks regarding a sequel. …yet.
      No spare time. When I’m not on set I’m raising my 3 children and working my farm. Both full time jobs in themselves.
      I truly appreciate your supporting my work.
      Thank you Annie

  16. Hi Clayne!
    Thanks for giving the opportunity to write you!
    I’m musician and I wrote a screenplay. It’s based upon my released novel trilogy in Germany that is about the Greek Gypsy Yanko Melborn who lives in the USA and my heart’s desire is to get this story on film. I’m not in film business and I have no contacts, but I have my deep heart’s desire to make my vision come true. It would be great if you will became a part of it. It would be nice to meet you to talk about details and to give you the script.
    I’m looking forward to your answer! Thank you very much! Sincerely Anzy

      1. you have a couple of posts here including one from one of your co-stars on Donner Party when you get a chance and there is a comment on another page as well –

        Personally I just wanted to say you’re doing such an amazing job on Rectify and I’m really excited about Tinker and Spectral! So glad Tinker got the funding from Kickstart.

        Your character in Rogue was such a bad boy but I loved how he seemed like such a different person in the scene where he sang ‘I Love Rock-N-Roll’. But who doesn’t know the lyrics to the chorus?! hehe

  17. Hi Clayne!
    Thank you very very much for to give me that opportunity and to be open for my project! But meanwhile it happened that I’ve took another path with my project. I’m sorry! I wish you all the best and good luck for your career! Thanks a lot again! Sincerely, Anzy

  18. No question(s)…just wanted 2 congratulate this man on doing a fantastic job as an actor, playing his role in the movie ‘The Baytown Outlaws’

  19. Hi Clayne, my name is Jasmine Zia, I just recently watched The Baytown Outlaws, yes, I know it was released a while ago..but I have been a fan ever since yesterday…i dont expect a reply, but if you did, that would be awesome,


    1. Clayne–
      It’s Michele (Amanda McCutchen) from the movie The Donner Party with you–in which you were incredible. I don’t really have a question, I just wanted to say what a freaking amazingly talented actor you are–I only started watching Rectify because I saw that you were on it, and I think it’s one of the most groundbreaking series I’ve ever seen. The things that you are doing with your character on this show are nothing short of AMAZING–and I have to say that that scene from the last episode with Tawny where you two have that horrible argument is some of the most incredible acting ever–because of you. Extraordinary. I cried it was so real and palpable and heartbreaking. I finally came up with a question–how are you so f- ing great???

  20. G’day Clayne


    You grabbed my attention on Perfect host and I’ve been fascinated by your acting skills since – especially in the expertly scripted Rectify. It’s inspired me to take a look at acting, I have little/no experience – I’ve been an aviation mechanic for the last 18 years but am bored senseless! I remember when I was at school I felt comfortable on stage during productions and enjoyed making the audience laugh. I have no idea what step to take and I’m a little nervous but really want to give it a go. Can you give me 3 signposts – (Clayne’s little gems of info) that may help and guide me? I really appreciate your time and I wish you every success, you thoroughly deserve it. Ps have you been turned off from drinking coffee???


    Rob- from Perth, Australia (although originally London?)


  21. What’s up Clayne? My name is Lucy and I live in Louisville Kentucky. Do you want to know I went to St. Andrews Sewanee with Sean Bridgers during High School? I was on the girls basketball team and he was on the guys basketball team so we did a lot of traveling around together for away games for years. Ever since I saw Rectify I really took a liking to you because like me, it’s obvious you too are from the south. I especially enjoy the rugged badass roles you play. Sean is also a really cool guy and I was just wondering if the two of you related and if you two ever bump into each other anymore?

  22. Hey Clayne, I’m from Clay,AL too! My grandparents actually lived next door to your grandparents on Old Springville Rd. I knew you were in a walk to remember when I was younger and the past few years I have been blown away how great of an actor you are. Any chance you’ll be stopping into the old hometown in the future? What was the first time you realized film is what you will be doing for work full time? Congrats on Lethal Weapon, I’m excited to see how you develop Riggs.

  23. Love your description of bad boys. Always been my feeling about that. Nice to know someone else thinks like that. Enjoy watching what you’re doing keeping it real. Best of luck always. Marguerite New York

  24. Hi Clayne just wanted to know if you could be my email friend. It would be so exciting to look forward to emails from you. Our family loves the work you do. God speed…

  25. Hi Clayne,

    Im a Canadian filmmaker, though you won’t find my name anywhere. I’m still rather new and finding my own path. I was reading you’re story about you’re journey and what path you took. I always find the journey fascinating and I can’t help but feel inspired by your story. I was originally lured to this site after becoming a fan of your work on Rectify (even though I didn’t like the show, I loved the Teddy character) and more recently Lethal Weapon (a very interesting take on a difficult role to follow, done very well). My passion is writing (even though I don’t do it for a living) and I think you’re characters always have some much dimension. Kudos to the writers who created them but also a big shout out to you for giving them so much life. I think the idea of the lovable bad guy (like Teddy) is very difficult to pull off. Teddy is a little shit but you can’t help but like him due to his circumstances. The Riggs character is so heavy, yet the blend of comedy makes him such an incredible character. I guess this really isn’t a question at all but rather a guy with big dreams saying that the roles you’ve pulled off push me to get the very best out of myself. Thanks for entertaining and putting in all that hard work, my girlfriend and I have shared endless laughs due to you’re excellent work.
    – Maximilian

  26. Clayne,

    I recently became a fan of your talent after seeing the reboot of Lethal Weapon. I have to be honest, having seen the movies as young child and being a big fan of Mel Gibson, I initially did not watch the show because I assumed it would be a knock-off and not provide any new perspective or material. Then while surfing the DVR one night, I happened upon it and watched it out of boredom. The creativity and conviction you embedded into Riggs’ character changed my mind entirely, and I have since sought out more of your work — (bought Season 1 of Lethal Weapon on iTunes, Rectify, The Baytown Outlaws, The Perfect Host, Spectral, Convergence) and I’m looking forward to seeing Tinker! You have mentioned in interviews that you will likely always be cast as the bad guy, but you have such an enormous talent for playing complex characters of all backgrounds. My question for you is this — do you have any aspirations to seek out more varied roles in the future? If so, what can we expect to see? I am intrigued by your work and wanted to send kudos to you for your originality.

    Warm Regards,

  27. Hi Joey.Rickey Dale here.Enjoy Lethal Weapon and saw Tinker.with Weed.Loved it.Keep up the good work .

  28. Just watched the latest episode of NCIS: New Orleans, and they mentioned your character Cade, (in rehab), is there any possibility of you making an appearance in the near future?

  29. Hey Clayne, love your role in Leathal Weapon. You make it look so effortless playing a guy with many layers. Your character reminds me so much of my ex-husband. He tried to cover his pain from who knows what and seemed to be on a path of self destruction and at times, when drunk, tried to take me with him. I just can’t quit watching wondering and hoping that Riggs will finally find that thing that gets his life on track but, still keeps his “quirkyness.” Hope this is the beginning of a long and wonderful career for you. God bless you and your family! Will be watching for you you on the big screen, no doubt you’re headed there. Big hug to you! Donna J Smith- mom, grandmother and great- grandmother. I

  30. Have there ever been problems cited before where it is said you created a “hostile environment?” I searched thoroughly and can’t find any. And you apologized for the 2 incidents noted at the time of your firing. While the whole cast of Lethal Weapon seemed to have chemistry together, your character brought such depth of character emotionally, comedically, drastically that I can’t imagine the show without you in it. I won’t be watching it. While I know nothing of the actor taking your place, I have little respect for one who would agree to replace you in view of the known facts as presented. I wish you well in your career as you move forward.

  31. Hi Clayne! I hope you’re doing well. And I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this. I have just a couple questions. I’ll keep them short.

    1.) I have always admired your skill and appreciation for the art of acting. Ive always had a passion for it also but never the courage to get out of my shell. Anxiety holds me back. So what would your advice be on pushing down that wall and overcoming fears?

    2.) What is your favorite past time?

    3.) I made a bucket list (even though I’m a healthy 25 year old woman…well…tomorrow isn’t promised) on this bucket list I wrote down “grab a beer with Clayne and beat him in a couple games of pool.” How could I convince you?

    Once again thank you for taking the time to read this.
    From one hick to another!

    God bless,

  32. Clayne it’s not the same show now that your gone thre will be a lot if your fans happy once you get back in to to television or even movies it’s you they want. Your a dam good actor and that’s what people like. We all wish you well in your career my friend. This 70 year old from Oregon hopes to see you in something soon I just got dioagnesd with cancer and I would like to be watching you on screen again. You play an amazing crazy F%^kn cop and one tough SOB and take D Wayne with you you 2 are a team that’s funnier than anything on TV.

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