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New Videos and Info for Warrior Road

Thanks to Xrosulya – my partner on FuckYeahClayneCrawford Tumblr – for find this!

Info about the movie:

Three young men in the waterlands of coastal South Carolina rob a backwoods juke joint and flee up the coast to Myrtle Beach, armed with psychedelics, their souped-up Cutlass and a thirst for adventure. But for one of the three, this journey is a quest for strength and courage in the face of a painful past

Info about his character:


Clayne Crawford
(Rectify, Leverage, 24, A Walk to Remember)

Laid-back, good-looking. Down-to-earth with natural good humor. Jeans and sweater is dressing up. Heโ€™s been through hard times, but has found a way to grow from the past. This is what Joseph needs to emulate. His is the key voice of the film, articulating its themes and creating reference points in Josephโ€™s transformation.


Their website Warrior Road. Their YouTube with updates Warrior Road Movie and their Twitter is @WarriorRoadFilm


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