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10 Actors Who Are Seriously Overdue A Starring Role

November 16, 2013

3. Clayne Crawford


Holy moly. Clayne Crawford is easily becoming the Bradley Cooper of the  independent film world. We were introduced to Crawford in my all time favorite  movie ever Swimfan as swimmer Josh, always living in his best friend’s shadow.  There was something about him in that role, sure, but nothing compared to what  he is doing now. The Perfect Host, where he co-stars with David Hyde Pierce, was  shocking to me because I couldn’t believe how much Crawford had grown as an  actor. The young actors from the late 90s early 2000s went one of two ways – grew as artists or stunted themselves and stayed on the same path (Freddie  Prince Jr.?) Crawford has excelled well beyond the point of making a comeback  and I’m seriously impressed by him.

Do yourselves a favor and watch Feel (available on Netflix). You’ll feel (ha)  for all of the characters, but Crawford’s especially. He has earned the chance  to break out into the big time and I cannot wait to see what opportunities land  in his lap from here on out.

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  1. Baytown Outlaws, 1 of my favorite films starring Clayne Crawford. Rednecks never looked so cool!!

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