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Convergence (2014) Review


The following review has been made possible thanks to a very thoughtful preview from Drew Hall (director) of his upcoming psychological thriller Convergence.


As this is a preview of an as of yet unreleased film I won’t focus on the films plot all that much at all, in fact all I’ll say is that the film follows Detective Ben Walls as he finds himself passing between present day and the future.

It’s an interesting premise that is thankfully masterfully executed. Convergence is an incredible film, regardless of being an independent film or not this film is balls to the walls excellent.

It’s devoid of big set piece action sequences and is even centred primarily around just one location. It is predominantly all set within a single hospital, a hospital where Ben Walls continues to flit between timelines.

Without big set pieces to wow and captivate an audience the film must rely upon the strength of its writing and the ability of its actors to engage the audience. And the writing and acting in Convergence are both on top form. The story is incredibly strong and very well written, at times both creepy and thought provoking. This is a pinnacle of the psychological thriller, keeping you in suspense and nervous anticipation throughout.

But a good script would be nothing if the actors weren’t able to deliver it, and thankfully Convergence is filled with a talented cast who manage to embody their roles so completely as to blur the line between reality and fiction. Clayne Crawford deserves particular note as the lead character of Ben. Crawford takes an already excellent story and adds another layer, taking the film to an entirely new level of authenticity.

You see the film is interesting enough on its own, but the captivation is created thanks to Crawford and his pretty badass portrayal of Ben. Crawford plays a thoroughly engaging character that is easy to relate to, his confused portrayal of a man constantly switching between times is entertaining and riveting, we want not only to discover the truth but for him to survive it all with us.

There are a few strange issues I found with editing, where a scene felt as if it had been cut off a few seconds before it truly should have been, but this is certainly nothing that would affect the overall quality of the film in anyway. In fact that’s really the only think I can think of that could in anyway be construed as negative about the Convergence. I truly loved the film, it was an intelligent and poignant creation that both tantalised and shocked me.

Converge is a brilliant directed, terrifically acted film that I know will do terrifically well at any festival it is entered into, or at least it bloody well should do.

I was left wondering just how it will end throughout. And with a captivating cast and an excellent plot I was never once bored while watching, the plot twisted not once, but multiple times throughout, leaving me hanging onto the edge of my seat as I waited to finally, once and for all discover the truth behind just what the hell was going on. It was a thrilling ride, and you know what? While I am able to do so I think I will once again go and explore Ben and his paradigm altering world. Good day folks and bloody well keep you eye firmly peeled for Convergence.

Verdict 10/10

Source: Fraking Films


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