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Controlled Obsession’s The Best TV Shows of 2015

1. Rectify (SundanceTV)

I talked about how The Americans is one of the best shows on the air that no one is watching, but Rectifyhas to take the crown when it comes down to it. The series, which airs on a channel most people probably don’t even know about, is in its third season and is without a doubt the best character drama you can find on TV. With award worthy performances from each and every primary cast member, it’s no surprise that Rectify is as strong as it has ever been. Taking its time with its primary story, Rectify has now, three seasons in, finally begun addressing plot points raised in its first episode.


Dealing with themes in such a way that you really only get to see in books, Ray McKinnon unspools this story that so perfectly showcases the Southern Gothic genre in such a way that you can’t help but appreciate. He takes his time to let these characters grow, even if the season only takes place over a couple of days. With standout performances from Aden Young and Clayne Crawford, it’s no surprise that with the depth provided by the scripts, these relatively under-seen actors are producing some of the best performances of any show on television.




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