Clayne Crawford Wants ‘Something Redeeming for Teddy’ in Final Season of ‘Rectify’

THE WRAP – Critics Choice Award-nominated actor also tells TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell about his upcoming movie “Spectral”


Season 4 of “Rectify” will mark the end of the show’s run on SundanceTV, and Clayne Crawford hopes that his character will go out with a bang.


“Teddy has had such a rough go at it, you know?” Crawford told TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell. “I would like there to be something redeeming for Teddy. Maybe for him to kill Tawney, and then him end up in prison. Why not, you know? It would be exciting!”

The actor, a nominee for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series at Sunday’s Critics Choice Awards, was recently cast in David E. Kelly’s new drama “Trial” for Amazon opposite Billy Bob Thornton and William Hurt.


In April, Crawford will begin shooting the fourth season of “Rectify,” which also earned Critics Choice Awards nominations for Best Drama Series and lead actor Aden Young.


Crawford is excited about the recognition, but he doesn’t really have a plan for how he would celebrate if he won.


“I’m not going to win, and I certainly don’t go into it like that, but I would probably just roll tide and drop the mic,” he said. “It’s just such a wonderful experience to be in a room with such talented individuals, and what a wonderful thing for them to honor us.”


Crawford also spoke to TheWrap about his upcoming film “Spectral,” which opens this summer. While he can’t disclose much about the film’s plot, he did reveal a little bit about his character.


“My character is a delta force, first sergeant,” he said. “It’s Max Martini and I, and James Badge Dale, Emily Mortimer, we’re kind of caught behind enemy lines, in a sense, and realize that there is something possibly supernatural that we’re dealing with. I think the tagline was like, “‘Black Hawk Down’ meets ‘Poltergeist.’”


“Spectral” hits theaters on Aug. 12.



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