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Rectify: Series Creator and Stars Preview the Final Season

TV SERIES FINALE – How will Rectify end? Recently, the creator and stars of the Sundance TV series spoke about the upcoming final season, Variety reports.


The drama follows Daniel Holden (Aden Young), who returns home after spending 19 years on Death Row for a murder he may or may not have committed. The cast also includes Abigail Spencer, Adelaide Clemens, Clayne Crawford, Bruce McKinnon, and J. Smith-Cameron.


At the Television Critics Association summer press tour, creator Ray McKinnon said the final season will be about Daniel confronting his identity:


I think in some ways the story has been about Daniel being a conduit for the projection onto him of others. Part of the mystery and part of the tension of this season will be can Daniel become himself as he is now — not who he could have been.”


Aden Young said he didn’t mind not knowing whether Daniel did or did not commit murder:


It was a challenge. It was certainly a challenge I embraced. I didn’t think Ray was ever going to tell me. I didn’t ask him whether [Daniel] did it or not. I asked, are you going to tell me whether he did it or not. So began a philosophical discussion that lasted five years”


McKinnon did reveal there may not be full closure in the series finale:


We want the conclusion to answer all our questions, but that’s not life. And part of what we try to do with the show is reflect in a skewed way what life is.”


The final season of Rectify premieres on October 26th.

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