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Gallery: ‘Lethal Weapon’ Screencaps and Stills 2×19-2×22

Tonight is the Season Two Finale. Let’s all hope its NOT the series finale. We’re still waiting for Fox to renew the show. Until the show is renewed, keep watching and tweeting FOX to let them know you know care!


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3 Comments on “Gallery: ‘Lethal Weapon’ Screencaps and Stills 2×19-2×22”

  1. Praying for at least 10 more SEASONS! PLEASE, PLEASE ! THIS IS THE BEST TV SHOW ON !! WITHOUT CLAYNE , Lethal Weapon WOULD NOT BE THE SAME!! HE IS AWESOME AS RIGGS! Love ALL THE characters!!!

  2. This is by far the best show on any network!! Something is seriously wrong if it’s not renewed !

  3. If Lethal Weapon does return and you are not on there I will NOT watch it ! It just makes me sick to think the best show on tv is ending because of some petty bullshit .

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