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Weekly Spotlight: TV Tuesday -“CSI: NY”

2011 “CSI: NY” – 7.22 ‘Exit Strategy’


Episode Summary:

After Mac is nearly killed trying to apprehend a criminal, he decides to tackle a cold case involving a double homicide and child abduction during a bodega robbery.

Clayne’s Character:

Even though Wes Dillon is a criminal, he has a good heart. He did not intend for the robbery to escalate to murder and is very upset when his partner shoots two people. When they find a young girl who has witnessed everything, he protests doing anything to her. His partner finally decides to handle the girl, Wes protects her. It’s clear that he has grown to care for the girl as a father figure.


Where to Watch “CSI: NY” in the US:

Available on DVD and Blu Ray for Region 1

Streaming (some are free to watch) : Amazon Prime YouTube Itunes Vudu



Relax, she’s just a kid.

Killing kids is where we part ways.

You’re one of a kind. You know that? You’re a real princess.

So what are you saying? You saying I’m too old? I can’t take him?

Don’t be sad. Okay Princess?



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