2008 – Gemini Division

Created by: Brent V. Friedman
Original Network: NBC / Sci-Fi
Number of Episodes: 2 (that Clayne has starred in)
Production year: 2007-2008
Original release: August 18, 2008
Running time: 7 minutes
Other cast: Rosario Dawson, Justin Hartley, Daz Crawford
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Gemini Division features NYPD undercover Detective Anna Diaz as a street wise and tough-as-nails New York cop forced to live dual lives. Diaz’s deep undercover persona drives her to keep people at a distance as a blown cover would mean death. Enter Nick Korda: After secreting herself away for so long, Diaz sees Korda as almost too good to be true. Anna finds a security in Nick she didn’t believe possible, allowing her to lower her defenses and be herself. Though she has questions about Nick’s life, after only a few months the couple travels to romantic Paris and get engaged. But, before her questions and his proposal are answered, Nick is murdered. Diaz vows to bring his murderers to justice and in doing so discovers the truth about Korda and a vast global conspiracy. Black bag genetic experiments, covert military operations, a mysterious organization called Gemini Division, and simulated humanoid life forms. Detective Anna Diaz will have to draw upon all her experience to find the truth and survive.

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