Rectify Season Four

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4.01 – A House Divided

Directed by: Patrick Cady Air Date: October 26, 2016

Daniel, living at the New Canaan Project in Nashville, leaves to go to his job at a warehouse. Upon returning home, Daniel listens to a voicemail Janet had left updating him on the family. Daniel attends a group counseling session with his four housemates, led by project leader Avery. Each housemate discusses his progress, and Daniel briefly tells them about his day, not sharing much. In the middle of the night, Daniel sees Jesse, his roommate, sneak out. The next day at work, Daniel is informed by his boss that one of their biggest customers is returning a large order due to an error. Daniel assures him it was not his fault, but his boss orders him and his co-worker to stay until they have refilled the order. Before starting, the lights go out due to a transformer’s blowing out. The workers end up taking a break, and Daniel takes a walk and comes upon an artist cooperative, where he meets Chloe. Daniel looks at the various art pieces and becomes emotional. As the lights turn back on, he leaves. Returning home, Avery questions Daniel about Jesse’s leaving. Afterward, Daniel’s housemates confront him about his lack of interest in talking with other people. The next day, Daniel explains to Avery that he lived in isolation for 20 years, unlike his housemates who were able to socialize while in prison. Daniel feels he has lost his sense of self and truly does not even remember whether he killed Hanna or not. Daniel later revisits the artist cooperative and apologizes to Chloe about the previous day. Daniel returns home, where his housemates invite him to play cards.


4.02 – Yolk

Directed by: Kate Woods Air Date: November 2, 2016

Janet, preparing to bake, finds broken eggs and decides to clean out the entire fridge. She later leaves a voicemail for Daniel (from the previous episode). Dagget speaks with Bobby Dean about Trey’s getting out of jail on bond. Amantha, now the manager at Thrifty Town, deals with her employees and their work schedule requests. Jon pleads to his boss to let him continue to strengthen Daniel’s case, but his boss declines as Daniel took the plea deal and is free. Teddy and Tawney continue trying to repair their marriage and go on a “date” to discuss recent events in their lives. Tawney is working at a nursing home and taking college classes. Driving home, Amanatha, while stoned, loses control of her vehicle and veers off the road. She calls Ted, Sr. to pick her up. While waiting, Billy Harris, an old friend from high school, passes by, and they talk. Meanwhile, Jared has taken up camping and is spending the night in a tent. The next morning during breakfast, Ted, Sr. tells Amantha the car repairs will be expensive and not worthwhile. Janet suggests that Amanatha move back home temporarily to save money, but she declines the offer. Janet tells Ted she’s going to Nashville to visit Daniel. Teddy and Amantha agree to swap living spaces, as Teddy has been frustrated about being around his father all the time. At the supermarket, Janet spots Trey and, while he is away from his shopping cart, breaks all the eggs in his carton and leaves.


4.03 – Bob & Carol & Ted Jr & Alice

Directed by: Keith Boak Air Date: November 9, 2016

Avery and Maggie suggest to Daniel that he see a therapist who specializes in post-traumatic stress disorder, due to his long-term isolation, and give him a brochure for a clinical psychologist. Jon returns to Paulie and visits Daggett at the police station to discuss the current state of the investigation and Daggett’s motives. Daniel gets a call from Janet, who she tells him she will be visiting for a day. In a session with her therapist, Tawney wonders if she should divorce Teddy. Jon leaves a message for Janet telling her he’s in town and will visit the house. Billy visits Thifty Town and asks Amanatha out for a beer. After closing the store, they end up staying at the store discussing their high school classmates. Amantha receives a call from Jon but doesn’t answer it. Teddy signs some paperwork for the apartment and later leaves an awkward message for Tawney, wherein he states: “I love you”. Meanwhile, the family gets a call from someone who is interested in buying the tire shop. Daniel attends the party at the artist cooperative and talks with Chloe, who admits to Daniel that she Googled him. Chloe invites Daniel up to her apartment, and he asks what she wants from him. Chloe tells him she’s not looking for a partner, but a platonic male friend, and that she is pregnant, but the father is not around. Chloe places Daniel’s hand on her belly and thanks him for calming her.


4.04 – Go Ask Roger

Directed by: Stephen Gyllenhaal Air Date: November 16, 2016

Amantha goes hunting with Billy in the woods; afterward, they sleep together for the first time. At work, Tawney becomes emotionally attached to Zeke, one of her ailing patients,. Daniel and Chloe drive to the home of a famous musician to pick up art for an auction. They are greeted by Rick, the musician’s assistant, who instructs them to lock up before leaving. After wrapping up the artwork, Chloe and Daniel stay at the house and begin talking. Daniel tells Chloe he was advised to see a PTSD specialist. Janet, Ted, Sr. and Teddy meet with Mr. Childers, who represents a national pharmacy chain interested in buying the tire shop property. He says they’re willing to offer $650,000 but are also considering two other locations. Jon visits the home of C.J. Pickens, the former sheriff, but Jon is told by Mrs. Pickens that C.J. will not see him. Jon speaks with a woman, named Susan, on the phone who was at the party in the woods the night Hanna died. She tells him they were all brought to the sheriff’s office the next morning, maybe a group of 20, while John knows from police records that only seven people were interviewed, not including Chris Nelms. Teddy and Tawney meet for their date night, and Teddy becomes upset when he begins talking about the tire shop offer and how he’ll probably not be consulted for the final decision. Tawney admits his anger frightens her, and he leaves. At home, Janet finds Jared in the attic and learns he sold his childhood gift of Furbies online for money. Tawney leaves a voicemail for Teddy, apologizes for not being there for him earlier, and invites him to stop by the house. Teddy listens to the message and cries. Outside a bar, Jon follows Trey and asks him about Chris Nelms. Trey tells him to “go ask Roger” and says if Daniel didn’t kill Hanna, Chris did. Chloe drops Daniel off at the New Canaan house, and they briefly kiss. While trying to sleep, Daniel hears his roommate masturbating in bed, reminding of his time in prison, and Daniel curls up in anger.


4.05 – Pineapples in Paris

Directed by: Scott Teems Air Date: November 23, 2016

Janet and Ted drive to Nashville to visit Daniel. On the way there, Janet says she wants to sell the tire shop, while Ted is still uncertain. Teddy visits Tawney at home and tells her of the official offer on the tire shop. He later gently asks her for a divorce, and she agrees. At group therapy, Daniel explodes in anger when trying to deal with the problem with his roommate, Manny. The other housemates agree that Manny should respect his roommate. Bobby Dean stops by the Talbot home and tells Teddy that he grew close with George Melton after Hanna’s death, but George eventually stopped coming by, because “Trey went back”. Bobby asks Teddy to apologize to Daniel for assaulting him at Hanna’s grave (which sent Daniel to the hospital). Sheriff Daggett invites Jon over to his home, and after Jon asking why he’s there, Daggett steps out for half an hour and encourages him to browse some reading material on the kitchen table. Jon finds the sworn affidavit of Chris Nelms, which he begins to read. Daniel confesses to Chloe that he was sexual assaulted multiple times in prison. She tells him that she can’t save him but can hold him, and she hugs him. On the road, Janet accuses Ted of resenting her for years and blames him for never saying a word about it. Ted replies, “And I blame you for never thanking me for it”. Tawney goes to work and is told Zeke has fallen unconscious. She sits by his side and cries. Daniel returns to the New Caanan home, and finds Janet and Ted there. Later, Daniel is told by Pickle, another housemate, that he is Daniel’s new roommate, delighting Daniel. Teddy returns to Tawney’s home to grill a steak outside. Since the doors are locked, he breaks in through the window, setting off the alarm. The alarm code has been changed, but he is able to answer the security questions for the alarm company to turn it off. After eating the steak, he gathers fishing rods, guns, and whiskey, then goes upstairs and stares at what was his and Tawney’s bedroom.


4.06 – Physics

Directed by: Stephen Gyllenhaal Air Date: November 30, 2016

Daniel takes out Janet for a day of sightseeing in Nashville. At a cafe, Janet tells Daniel that Rite Aid wants to the buy the tire store, and later Ted apologizes to Daniel for kicking him out of the house. At the Talbot home, Jon tells Amantha about Chris Nelms’ deposition, wherein Chris swore that he, George, and Trey raped Hanna. Jon also reveals that he quit his job at Justice Row and plans on filing an ineffective assistance of counsel (IAC) to dismiss Daniel’s guilty plea on the grounds Jon was sleeping with his client’s sister. At a tourist site, Daniel pleads with his mother to let him go and to be free of him. Janet tells him she won’t abandon him. Daniel shows Janet where he works, and Janet reveals that she and Ted might split up. Daniel offers to introduce her to his girlfriend, Chloe, and explains that she is pregnant and plans on moving to Ohio to raise the child. At work, Tawney sits by Zeke’s side as he dies. Jon meets with D.A. Person, shares his new evidence, and advises he might file an IAC claim. Tawney drives to Zeke’s home and wanders around. The housekeeper, Bonnie, arrives and finds Tawney inside. Bonnie shows Tawney where his plaque is (something Zeke had been asking for), and they talk about Zeke. Daniel, Chloe, and Janet have dinner together at Chloe’s apartment. In their motel room, Ted tells Janet he wants to sell the tire store, but only if they give Teddy the inventory. Later, back at Chloe’s apartment, she and Daniel have a fight: she encourages Daniel to seek PTSD therapy, but he is worried he’ll be unable to deal with what happened to him and says targeted therapy didn’t do much for her. Daniel leaves and asks her to send a postcard from Ohio. After a long day at work, Teddy, who started drinking early in the morning, locks up the store and stares at the inflatable tube man outside. He proceeds to shoot at it with his rifle, and one of the bullets ricochets and hits his leg. He calls 911 and waits for an ambulance.


4.07 – Happy Unburdening

Directed by: Billy Gierhart Air Date: December 7, 2016

In therapy, Daniel recounts being gang raped in prison. Janet begins cleaning out the garage with the help of Jared, who is selling some of the items online. Teddy and his father look at a possible new location for the tire shop, but Teddy isn’t sure he wants to stay in the tire business. Amantha and Jon meet Bobby Dean, and Bobby apologizes to Amantha for what he did to Daniel, but she doesn’t forgive him. Bobby gives a letter from his mother to give to Janet. Tawney visits Teddy at his apartment and she advises him she told Janet about their divorce. After catching up, they agree to eat pizza together, before everything changes. D.A. Person and Sheriff Daggett interview former Sheriff C.J. Pickens at the police station about Hanna’s murder. C.J. believes Sen. Foulkes was trying to implicate Daniel for the rape and murder, and he “broke” (confessed) only after they’d interrogated him for 10 hours. C.J. also reveals that Foulkes was friends with Chris Nelms’ father, Roger, who was a lawyer, and that Foulkes delayed questioning Chris, hoping Daniel would confess. When he did question Chris, it was in private. Daniel helps Chloe pack for Ohio, though she questions leaving. Daniel tells her he would love for her to stay, but it would not be an ideal situation, given his low-paying job and his probation. They dance to a Harry Nilsson record. Teddy visits the Talbot home and tells his father he and Tawney will be getting a divorce. At Thrifty Town, Amantha is visited by Jenny, her best friend from high school. Amantha apologizes for abandoning their friendship. Jenny admits that she was hurt but understood Amantha was dealing with the tragedy regarding Daniel. Janet washes Ted’s back while he bathes, and they tell each other, “I love you”. At the New Canaan house, Daniel lies in his bed listening to the recording from his therapy session as a part of prolonged exposure therapy for his PTSD.


4.08 – All I’m Sayin

Directed by: Ray McKinnon Air Date: December 14, 2016

In a flashback to the day Daniel was released from prison, Amantha pleads to Janet to be happy he’ll be home, as Amantha feels Janet is incapable of happiness. In the present, Janet apologizes to Amantha for abandoning her over the years; Amantha believes Janet had been clinically depressed. At work, Daniel’s boss gives him a 15 cents per hour raise. Sheriff Daggett stops by the tire shop, where Teddy asks if Daggett believes Daniel killed Hanna; Daggett no longer does. Daniel returns to Chloe’s apartment and finds she’s moved. Preston, who’s moving in, tells Daniel that Chloe hates goodbyes, gives Daniel a painting and a book from Chloe, and invites Daniel to visit the loft. Amantha reveals to Jon that she had an epiphany, “Nothing will rectify what’s happened. It won’t bring back Hanna or my dad or my 18-year-old brother.” At group therapy, Daniel expresses his sadness about Chloe’s departure. In a therapy session, Daniel revisits when Kerwin was executed. Janet and Jared go to the Deans’ house, where Jared talks with Bobby outside, and Janet speaks with Judy in Hanna’s room. Judy tells Janet she now believes Daniel is innocent. Jon visits Daniel at the New Canaan house and tells him about D.A. Person’s request to opening a GBI investigation. In a flashback to death row, Daniel and Kerwin fantasize about driving around New York City together. Melvin buys the last set of tires at the store before they close for good. Janet, Jared, Tawney, Amantha, and Billy stop by the tire shop to help close up the store. At a televised press conference, D.A. Person announces that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is opening a new investigation into Hanna’s murder, as various Paulie townsfolk watch, including Sen. Foulkes and Chris Nelms. Daggett visits Trey Willis and tells him they’re dropping the murder charges against him over George Melton’s death. Believing he’ll be a suspect in the new investigation, Trey tells Daggett that Hanna fought off Chris Nelms and bit his right hand the night she was raped and murdered, and that Chris hid his injuries at the police station the following day. Trey also says that Chris told him the next morning, “Bitch should have kept her mouth shut and none of this would have happened.” The entire Talbot-Holden family enjoys a meal together at home, during which Janet receives a call from Daniel. Teddy reconciles with Daniel, and Tawney says goodbye to Daniel. At the New Canaan house, Daniel lies awake in his bed and fantasizes about reuniting with Chloe and holding her baby.