Rectify Season One

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1.01 – Always There

Directed by: Keith Gordon Air Date: April 22, 2013

Daniel Holden, met by his lawyer Jon Stern, mother Janet, sister Amantha, stepfather Ted, Sr., stepbrother Ted, Jr. (“Teddy”), and Teddy’s wife Tawney, leaves a Georgia prison after serving 19 years on death row. New DNA evidence implies that 18-year-old Daniel was either not responsible or not solely responsible for the rape and murder of his 16-year-old girlfriend Hanna, as had been alleged during his trial. State Senator Roland Foulkes, who prosecuted the case, says Daniel hasn’t been exonerated and will still be pursued by the law; Foulkes recalls that two witnesses, George and Trey, both testified that they saw Daniel placing flowers atop Hanna’s body. Amantha drives Daniel around town, and their younger half-brother Jared tries to bond with Daniel by watching Dazed and Confused with him. A flashback introduces Kerwin, a death row inmate in the cell next to Daniel’s. The two inmates had developed a friendship though they could hear but not see one another. Trey and George meet by a river and have a cryptic conversation. After Trey leaves, George shoots himself in the head.


1.02 – Sexual Peeling

Directed by: Billy Gierhart Air Date: April 22, 2013

Daniel goes to a buffet and a driving range with Teddy, who’s nervous about business at the tire store if Daniel comes to work there. Daniel tells him about getting repeatedly gang raped in prison. Jon tries to halt his relationship with Amantha, feeling it’s inappropriate, but he fails. At a family barbecue, Jon tells Ted, Sr. that state prosecutors will continue to pursue Daniel.


1.03 – Modern Times

Directed by: Nicole Kassell Air Date: April 29, 2013

Daniel deals with lifestyle changes brought about by two decades of technological development. Senator Foulkes is dressing after a dalliance with Marcy, the waitress from the local diner when she mentions that Amantha is having a sexual relationship with the family’s new lawyer, Jon. Rutherford Gaines, Daniel’s previous defense lawyer, is revealed to have cancer. Daniel retreats to the attic, where he finds his father’s hunting gear, as well as his own walkman and an old mixtape from Hanna. He later goes to a hybrid skateboard/BMX park with Jared, his half brother. Amantha is in a bar drinking with Jon when a man asks if Daniel is going to live at home; she replies that she doesn’t know. Amantha tells Jon they have to leave the bar and nervously tells him the man is Hanna’s brother, Bobby Dean.


1.04 – Plato’s Cave

Directed by: Jim McKay Air Date: May 6, 2013

Daniel gets eyeglasses and goes shopping with Janet at the local Walmart. As they try to leave, an overanxious TV crew approaches them and causes Janet to have a panic attack. At a seminar out of town, a buddy talks to Teddy about getting out of the nickel and dime tire business and doing government contract work. Daniel visits Tawney at her church, where she expresses shock that Daniel did not contemplate the afterlife instead of just preparing for the moment of his death. Daniel runs into a female acquaintance as he is windowshopping at a closed bookstore.


1.05 – Drip, Drip

Directed by: Romeo Tirone Air Date: May 13, 2013

Daniel has a series of events with a man who gives him a ride. Together they steal goats, go to a pecan grove to admire a statue there, and wrestle. Teddy returns home from a tire convention to the news that Daniel is going to get baptized at Teddy’s church. After his baptism, Daniel speaks somewhat incoherently to Tawney about the “goat man” incident before inappropriately asking her if he can kiss her. Teddy confronts Daniel that night at the tire store about coming on to his wife, and tells him to stay away from the both of them. Following Teddy’s insulting Daniel under his breath, Daniel suddenly appears behind him and puts him in a chokehold until he passes out.


1.06 – Jacob’s Ladder

Directed by: Ray McKinnon Air Date: May 20, 2013

Teddy awakens from the chokehold on the floor, with his pants around his ankles and coffee grounds on his bare backside. Daniel goes to Amantha’s house and asks if they can go to the pecan grove where they used to go with their father. When they arrive, it is shown to be the same area the “goat man” took Daniel to, only there is a different statue there. Daniel admits to Amantha that he does not know what happened the day Hanna died. Daniel’s sister tells him he was high on mushrooms at the time of the incident. Trey finds George’s body by the river. He takes George’s belongings, including George’s gun, wallet, and cellphone, and pushes the corpse into the river. A flashback to Daniel’s time in prison shows Kerwin getting picked up for his death sentence. Kerwin tells Daniel he knows Daniel didn’t kill Hanna. Daniel visits Hanna’s grave while listening to the mixtape she made him. Two cars pull up behind him, and several men get out. They beat Daniel, and the leader removes his mask, revealing himself to be Bobby Dean, Hanna’s brother. Bobby urinates on Daniel, and the men leave. Later, a barely conscious Daniel is loaded into an ambulance. The season ends with a flashback to Daniel pacing his jail cell, then sitting and finally lying on his bed while he hears the sounds of Kerwin’s empty jail cell next to his being cleaned and made ready for its next occupant.