Rectify Season Three

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3.01 – Hoorah

Directed by: Stephen Gyllenhaal Air Date: July 9, 2015

Daggett tells Teddy that the judge has accepted the plea deal, Daniel must leave Georgia within 30 days, and that it’s too late to add Teddy’s testimony to the plea deal. Daggett reminds Teddy that he can still press charges against Daniel. Daniel has dinner with Janet and Ted, Sr., and Teddy comes over and tells Daniel about the miscarriage. Outside, Teddy tells Daniel to stay away from Tawney, and he will press charges against him if he doesn’t. Daggett and D.A. Person look over George Melton’s corpse in the coroner’s office and believe it was suicide, but they need to find the gun. Ted, Sr. tells Daniel that he should confess what he did to Teddy to his mother, and that he should live somewhere else for his remaining time in Georgia. Tawney stays at her friend Beth’s house and is advised by her to see a marriage counselor due to the miscarriage. Janet is made aware of Teddy and Tawney’s marital problems when she stops by Teddy’s house. Wynn informs Amantha that the woman whose job Amantha took over is coming back from maternity leave, but Amantha could keep her job if she pursues a management position. In a flashback to death row, Daniel envisions himself being strapped to the injection chair. Daniel visits Amantha and asks if he can stay with her. At the diner, Sen. Foulkes suffers a stroke.


3.02 – Thrill Ride

Directed by: Lawrence Trilling Air Date: July 16, 2015

Janet confronts Ted, Sr., believing he is hiding something from her, leading him to finally tell her about Daniel’s assault of Teddy. Tawney, in a session with her therapist, confesses that she was relieved when she suffered her miscarriage and talks about Teddy’s anger issues. Daggett tells D.A. Person that he searched George’s trailer in Florida and what he discovered, including his wallet and cell phone, even though his cell phone was last used in Paulie six weeks previously. Amantha arrives late for work, hung over from the previous night. Jon visits Janet, and tells her he’ll be moving and that he and Amantha have broken up. He gives her information for Daniel, about a non-profit organization that offers career and psychological counseling for ex-offenders. Daniel runs into his old friend and Amantha’s landlord Melvin at the apartment complex, where they converse. Teddy drops off laundry for Tawney at Beth and Mitch’s, where Tawney is staying. Daggett visits George’s father about his son’s death; Mr. Melton says it’s unlikely George would have killed himself with a gun and suggests Daggett should investigate Trey, who came looking for George recently. Amantha asks Janet why Daniel left the house, but Janet doesn’t give an answer. Daniel cooks a nostalgic meal for Amantha and tells her he got a job painting the pool in the complex, but Amantha tells him, “This is all very thoughtful, Daniel, but I just can’t pretend that I give a shit.” Jared goes to Teddy’s house to see how he is doing. Teddy, drunk, suggests they go for a car ride. Teddy instructs Jared to drive to Beth and Mitch’s house, so he can watch Tawney. Teddy confesses to Jared about when he lost his virginity, and that he did it in an aggressive way, through pressure; and tells Jared to never do the same.


3.03 – Sown with Salt

Directed by: Billy Gierhart Air Date: July 23, 2015

Daniel has a meeting with his probation officer who outlines the stipulations of his probation. Daggett tells Daniel about George’s death and questions him about his visit to his trailer. Daniel declines questioning without Jon present. Amantha attends a Thrifty Town management training retreat, where she’s asked to reveal a story about herself–she tells everyone about her brother who was on death row. Tawney returns home to pick up clothing, and Teddy is there, where he says he’ll see the therapist with her. Daggett questions Trey about his visit to George’s trailer, and Trey tries to falsely incriminate Daniel by saying he wanted to hurt George and that it was his idea to visit him. Ted, Sr., and Teddy work on the kitchen, but Janet shows a loss of interest in the renovation. In a flashback to death row, Daniel is visited by Jon where he tells him he’ll be getting out. Amantha goes to the hotel bar where she ends up talking with a man who buys her a drink. After talking and flirting, they go upstairs, where Amantha invites him to her room. In Daggett’s office and with Jon present, he questions Daniel again. Daggett tells Daniel that his fingerprints were found on George’s wallet and cell phone, Daniel replies that he believes Trey wiped them clean to plant evidence. Daniel denies killing George, and tells Daggett it was Tawney who picked him up in Florida and about his assault of Teddy. Jon is shocked about the news of the assault and ends the questioning. Jon later warns Daniel about his behavior and that it could land him back in prison. Back at the apartment complex, Daniel begins painting the pool in the middle of the night.


3.04 – Girl Jesus

Directed by: Scott Teems Air Date: July 30, 2015

Marcy visits Sen. Foulkes at the hospital, and leaves after trying to help him. Daggett questions Trey about the color of his truck, and tells him that it was George’s semen found on Hanna’s underwear. Amantha meets Jon, where he tells her that he is staying in Paulie to help Daniel. Jon tells Amantha about George’s murder and that Daniel had a motive, but believes Trey is a suspect too. Daniel is warned by his probation officer that he must be contactable at all times and has yet to submit a needed form signed by his sister. In therapy, Teddy is asked to talk about his childhood, including his addict mother. Tawney, who is silent during the session, is told by Teddy to finally tell the truth for once, where she reveals she might not want to be married to Teddy anymore; Teddy, feels relieved that she has finally told the truth. After therapy, Tawney tells Teddy that Daggett has requested to speak with her, and reveals that she had picked up Daniel in Florida. Daniel gets the form signed by Amantha and drops it off before the deadline. Daggett questions Tawney, but she reveals nothing of relevance, and confirms what Daniel was wearing, different to what Trey told Daggett earlier. Daniel returns to his mom’s home where he gathers clothing she bought for him and later falls asleep. He wakes up and finds Trey in the house, where Trey remarks about Daniel’s lost years in prison. D.A. Person speaks with Daggett, telling him she has a warrant for George’s trailer. Daggett believes Daniel did not kill him, and that Trey’s behavior is suspicious, that he seems to trying to pin the murder on Daniel. Janet and Ted, Sr. continue to fight after the reveal of what Daniel did to Teddy. Teddy drives Tawney to the neighbor’s house, and after breaking down, she begins to kiss him, but eventually pulls away. At Amantha’s, Daniel tells her that he was in love with Tawney and that “I thought she was my savior”. Later, he stares at the pool he just finished painting, but intentionally knocks a paint can over the pool, ruining the paint job. He begins to cry.


3.05 – The Future

Directed by: Nicole Kassell Air Date: August 6, 2015

Immediately regretting his sabotage of the pool job, Daniel starts repainting it the following morning. However, Melvin explains to Amantha that the other tenants of the apartment complex want Daniel out by the end of that day, a decision with which he must comply because Daniel is not on the lease. Nonetheless, Daniel resolves to finish the pool job before he goes. Teddy starts seeing the therapist on his own, and explores his anxieties of losing Tawney. Tawney moves back in with her old foster mother temporarily, but Teddy offers to let her stay in their house while he moves elsewhere. Janet gives both Teds the ultimatum that they must allow Daniel to stay at the Holden-Talbot house for his last two weeks before exile, and openly acknowledges Teddy’s assault for the first time. Following his investigations, Sheriff Daggett interviews Daniel and explains that he believes Trey murdered George Melton (which is false). Later he obtains a warrant to search Trey’s home, and police do so in the presence of Trey’s wife and daughter. Daniel, Amantha, Jon, Janet and Jared gather at the finished pool that night, before Daniel moves out of the apartment, and Daniel asks his mother if she would like to go on a “road trip” to Tennessee with him.


3.06 – The Source

Directed by: Ray McKinnon Air Date: August 13, 2015

Chris, another man who was present at the gathering where Hanna was killed, makes an official confession that he, Trey, George and others raped Hanna but did not kill her. Daggett interviews Trey, who tries to explain the events surrounding George Melton’s suicide but is unable to make it look like he did not kill George. Daggett arrests Trey for a murder he did not commit. Tawney tells Teddy that she intends to change the locks on their house after he moves out. Teddy reluctantly agrees to help with this process. Meanwhile Daniel goes on his planned road trip with Janet, visiting his prison, then the beach where he interacts with a young boy, and Janet tells her son he is good with children. After walking into the ocean, Daniel seems to have a vision of Tawney visiting him at death row and them kissing – Tawney is shown waking up immediately after this sequence, implying that she had dreamed their meeting. After breaking up with Jon, Amantha returns to the Holden-Talbot home and encounters Teddy, who has moved back in after splitting with Tawney. The step-siblings bond while playing gin rummy, and Jared later comes home and joins them. Jon visits the wheelchair-ridden Foulkes to taunt and condemn him, explaining that he believes Foulkes is corrupt and somehow involved in George Melton’s (falsely alleged) murder – during this confrontation he reveals that the statute of limitations on Hanna’s rape, but not her murder, has expired – this casts doubt on Chris’s confession to the rape and denial of the murder. In the final scene Daniel arrives at his new apartment, and asks Janet to forgive herself then leaves.