Rectify Season Two

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2.01 – Running with the Bull

Directed by: Stephen Gyllenhaal Air Date: June 19, 2014

Following his beating, Daniel is comatose in an Atlanta hospital, and Bobby Dean returns home to his mother, Judy. In a flashback, Wendall reveals to Daniel, while masturbating, that he had participated in gang raping Daniel in the shower. Sheriff Daggett insists on pursuing Daniel’s attackers, despite the reluctance of his partner Lid Comphrey, and possible backlash from the Paulie community. The comatose Daniel has a dream in which he takes Kerwin to the pecan grove, where the statue has lost its head.


2.02 – Sleeping Giants

Directed by: Dennie Gordon Air Date: June 26, 2014

Daniel’s doctor decides it is time to awaken Daniel from his medically induced coma. Teddy has several ideas for increasing the struggling tire shop’s revenues, such as renting affordable rims. Ted, Sr., however, rejects these ideas, holding onto the tradition of selling tires. Tawney confesses to Teddy that his suspicions regarding her and Daniel were justified, as Daniel had romantic feelings for her, and Tawney had feelings for Daniel as well. Jon visits Hollis, a client who is on death row and has lost an appeal after DNA test results show he was lying about his innocence. This tarnishes Jon’s perfect record for appeals. Sheriff Daggett wants to interview a young boy named Stevie who was an eyewitness to Daniel’s beating. Daniel wakes up from his coma in the present to be greeted by his mother.


2.03 – Charlie Darwin

Directed by: Stephen Gyllenhaal Air Date: July 3, 2014

When Sheriff Daggett asks Daniel if the man who removed his mask was Bobby Dean, Daniel insists it was a stranger. Teddy still wants to set up a rim rental business in the tire shop and is trying to get Janet to sign the contract, as the store is in her name. However, she quickly dismisses Teddy before he can tell her about it. Daggett visits Bobby Dean in his cell and asks him what he plans to do with his life after prison, before releasing him and implying that in some cultures Bobby would feel indebted to Daniel for letting him go free.


2.04 – Donald the Normal

Directed by: David Lowery Air Date: July 10, 2014

Amantha has second thoughts about moving to Atlanta. To motivate herself to stay in Paulie, she gets a job as a cashier at a strip mall thrift store. Teddy, still feeling hurt by Tawney’s confession of her feelings for Daniel, visits Daggett and relates the coffee grounds incident, though he refuses to press charges. Daniel visits Atlanta, where he enjoys his anonymity and speaks with a group of middle aged women at an art gallery and calls himself “Donald”. However, this experience is tarnished when a couple in a cafe recognize him and request to take a photograph with him. He complies, but when he states that he’s not interested in talking to them further, they grow angry, claiming the “wrong man was set free”. Daniel returns home and, finding his mother’s house empty, immediately sets about tearing the kitchen apart in a misguided effort to begin work on the planned remodel.


2.05 – Act as If

Directed by: Andrew Bernstein Air Date: July 17, 2014

Ted, Sr. starts to lose patience with Daniel after the latter destroyed the kitchen. This, in turn, drives a rift between Ted, Sr. and Janet, who demands he be patient with her son. Rutherford Gaines dies. Tawney reveals to Teddy that she may be pregnant. Daniel, searching for a Wedgewood stove to install in the kitchen, arrives at a rummage shop owned by an eccentric old man named Lezley, who recognizes Daniel and invites him to a party. There, Lezley ties himself to Daniel to make sure Daniel doesn’t drift off by himself and instead stays near Lezley. He offers Daniel cocaine, and they shoot at CDs, though Daniel is reluctant to handle a shotgun. Lezley also gives Daniel psychedelic mushrooms “for later.”


2.06 – Mazel Tov

Directed by: Jim McKay Air Date: July 24, 2014

A pregnancy test confirms that Tawney is pregnant with Teddy’s baby, but she asks him to keep it secret. The Holden-Talbot family gathers for Janet’s birthday, though Daniel, still searching for a Wedgewood stove with Lezley, misses most of it. While at the party, Teddy announces Tawney’s pregnancy to the family, without her permission. Senator Foulkes pressures Daggett to reveal any pertinent information after Rutherford Gaines’ funeral. Giving in, Daggett reveals Teddy’s coffee grounds story, which Teddy had told him in confidence. While on ‘shrooms at the river, Daniel hears Hanna’s voice saying his name.


2.07 – Weird as You

Directed by: Sanaa Hamri Air Date: July 31, 2014

The prosecutor prepares to offer Daniel a plea deal that Jon begins to consider. Senator Foulkes and Daggett visit the tire shop to ask Teddy to press charges against Daniel, for the sake of reopening his case and strengthening the prosecution’s position. Teddy refuses, knowing it would rip his family apart and claims that he made the story up. After Daniel’s ‘shroom trip, in which he had visions of Trey and George, Daniel visits Trey. Trey drives him to George’s house, in Florida, and claims that Daniel never had intercourse with Hanna that night but says he believes Daniel saw from afar Hanna having sex with Trey and several others. Trey believes George had some personal demons and may have killed Hanna. Trey then goes on to insult Hanna and ridicule Daniel, before Daniel snaps and shoves him against the wall.


2.08 – The Great Destroyer

Directed by: Billy Gierhart Air Date: August 7, 2014

Trey leaves Daniel and his bicycle behind in Florida, so Daniel calls Tawney from a roadside store to pick him up. They discuss their feelings for each other, but Tawney assures him they cannot be together. Daggett talks with the former sheriff about the original case against Daniel, to learn any new information, as Daggett wants to get this right. When Daniel returns home, Jon tells him about the plea deal, which would require Daniel to plead guilty. The family discusses the deal, and Daniel considers taking it, but only if he would not have to serve any more time. Jared visits Teddy’s house, stays for dinner, and tells Teddy and Tawney about the plea deal. Jon leaves a voicemail for the District Attorney, rejecting the current plea deal. Ted, Sr. meets with Sen. Foulkes and the senator tells him about Daniel’s assault of Teddy. In his room, Daniel listens to his confession on tape, while he strangles a homemade dummy made of pillows and blankets.


2.09 – Until You’re Blue

Directed by: Seith Mann Air Date: August 14, 2014

While at the doctor’s office, Tawney learns she had a miscarriage. Jon tells Daniel that he could be set free, but only if he leaves Paulie and is permanently banished from the state of Georgia except for one county. At home, Tawney tells Teddy of the miscarriage, and Teddy worries about Tawney’s lack of emotion. Ted, Sr. visits Sen. Foulkes and warns him to never speak with his family again. In a flashback to death row, Chaplain Charlie reads Daniel a letter addressed to him, from Amantha. In the present, Daniel tells Amantha of the banishment clause, but he is unsure he will take the deal. While trying to tell his mother about it, he simply states he can’t live at home anymore. Teddy confronts Tawney about her calm way of dealing with the miscarriage and accuses her of never having wanted to have a baby with him. Teddy tells her she’s free now to be with Daniel, and: “Maybe you’ll get lucky. Maybe he’ll kill you, too. Put you out of your misery.” Crying, Tawney leaves. Teddy, frustrated with multiple customers who are not paying their rim rental bills, drives to one of their homes to try and repossess the rims himself. However, he ends up in a fight with the customer. Tawney checks into a motel, where she calls Daniel. When Daniel arrives, she asks him if he’s a bad person, and he responds, “Yes”.


2.10 – Unhinged

Directed by: Stephen Gyllenhaal Air Date: August 21, 2014

At the motel, Daniel tells Tawney he’s leaving Paulie; she states she’s leaving, too. He also tells her about his assault of Teddy, and that Teddy didn’t deserve it. Teddy visits Janet, who coaxes him to telling her of Tawney’s miscarriage. Sen. Foulkes tells D.A. Pearson to arrange a debriefing, where Daniel will have to verbally confess to having murdered Hanna. Daggett goes to Florida in search of George and views security footage of Trey and Daniel. In a flashback to death row, Daniel is visited by Amantha, who tells him Justice Row’s “all in”, is sending a new lawyer, and will get him freed. In the present, Amantha and Jon discuss their relationship, and she encourages him to take the job he was offered in Boston, but she won’t join him. Ted, Sr. confronts Daniel about his assault of Teddy, and Daniel tells Janet he wants to take the plea deal and will have to leave Georgia. Amantha tells Daniel he’s a coward, and she will distance herself if he confesses to killing Hanna if he didn’t do it. Tawney goes home, where she tells Teddy she’s sorry for what Daniel did to him and that she needs time. She leaves with a suitcase. In the debriefing, Daniel says he did not rape Hanna and claims that his original confession was coerced. Daniel ignores Jon’s advice to go to trial and later confesses to strangling Hanna. Daniel and Jon wait for the judge’s decision on the plea. Meanwhile, kids playing by the river discover George’s body. Bobby Dean discovers Jared in Hanna’s bedroom. The sheriff orders a test on Trey’s DNA and that found on cigarette butts in George’s house. Teddy goes to the sheriff’s station to see if it’s too late to press charges against Daniel.