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Gallery Update

I have tried to get all the items I was missing added to the gallery. I still need to add the Clayne Crawford Foundation events but I need to finish gathering those. If you have any photos to donate from those events, please email me at!


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The MovieFilm Podcast: Alien: Covenant + Clayne Crawford on A Fighting Season

ZAKIS CORNER – It’s a packed, extra-size episode of the MovieFilm Podcast this week! Hear Zaki’s interview (beginning at 44:20) with actor Clayne Crawford of TV’s Lethal Weapon to discuss his new film, the compelling war drama A Fighting Season, as well as what it’s like to take on Mel Gibson’s iconic alter ego. After that, it’s on to a spoiler-filled chat about Alien: Covenant, the latest entry in the long-lived Fox sci-fi/horror franchise. Did we like it? Did we loathe it? You’ll have to breach the Spoiler Wall to find out! In addition, hear quick takes on movies we’ve caught recently, brief remembrances to mark the sad passings of former James Bond star Roger Moore and rocker Chris Cornell, and a special round of Star Wars news to mark the franchise’s 40th anniversary! You can hear it all all via the embed below, or at iTunes or Stitcher or Google Play. As always, please hit “like” on our Facebook page, and send any questions or comments to