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Gallery: 2.12 “Diggin’ Up Dirt” Screencaptures


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Gallery: “Lethal Weapon” 2.10-2.11 Screencaps and 2.11-2.14 Episode Stills

Sorry I fell behind. Real life can get in the way sometimes. Hope everyone is enjoying Lethal Weapon’s Season 2 as much as I am. It keeps getting better! It is definitely the highlight of my week. This is my favorite role for Clayne. It shows a great range for him but mainly I feel like he enjoys it so much which makes it so fun to watch! Oh and for the record – I’m #TeamMolly all the way.



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Gallery: “Lethal Weapon” 2.07-2.10 Episode Stills and Screencaps

So sorry I got so far behind on these! I’ve been crazy busy and am just now catching up.

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