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Convergence – Full Trailer for new psychological thriller

Convergence stars Clayne Crawford, Ethan Embry (Cheap Thrills) and Mykelti Williamson.

Arson Detective Ben Walls (Crawford) wakes up in a hospital after a routine investigation ends in an explosion. Although met by a familiar face, Cpt. Saul Miller (Williamson), Ben soon finds out that not everything in this hospital is what it seems as he struggles to piece together the most important case of his life; meanwhile, shadowy creatures haunt the inhabitants and a religious zealot (Embry) roams the hallways converting the innocent into a congregation, all of which lead Ben to one fateful decision.

Drew Hall directs.

Source: LiveForFilms

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Convergence (2014) Review


The following review has been made possible thanks to a very thoughtful preview from Drew Hall (director) of his upcoming psychological thriller Convergence.


As this is a preview of an as of yet unreleased film I won’t focus on the films plot all that much at all, in fact all I’ll say is that the film follows Detective Ben Walls as he finds himself passing between present day and the future.

It’s an interesting premise that is thankfully masterfully executed. Convergence is an incredible film, regardless of being an independent film or not this film is balls to the walls excellent.

It’s devoid of big set piece action sequences and is even centred primarily around just one location. It is predominantly all set within a single hospital, a hospital where Ben Walls continues to flit between timelines.

Without big set pieces to wow and captivate an audience the film must rely upon the strength of its writing and the ability of its actors to engage the audience. And the writing and acting in Convergence are both on top form. The story is incredibly strong and very well written, at times both creepy and thought provoking. This is a pinnacle of the psychological thriller, keeping you in suspense and nervous anticipation throughout.

But a good script would be nothing if the actors weren’t able to deliver it, and thankfully Convergence is filled with a talented cast who manage to embody their roles so completely as to blur the line between reality and fiction. Clayne Crawford deserves particular note as the lead character of Ben. Crawford takes an already excellent story and adds another layer, taking the film to an entirely new level of authenticity.

You see the film is interesting enough on its own, but the captivation is created thanks to Crawford and his pretty badass portrayal of Ben. Crawford plays a thoroughly engaging character that is easy to relate to, his confused portrayal of a man constantly switching between times is entertaining and riveting, we want not only to discover the truth but for him to survive it all with us.

There are a few strange issues I found with editing, where a scene felt as if it had been cut off a few seconds before it truly should have been, but this is certainly nothing that would affect the overall quality of the film in anyway. In fact that’s really the only think I can think of that could in anyway be construed as negative about the Convergence. I truly loved the film, it was an intelligent and poignant creation that both tantalised and shocked me.

Converge is a brilliant directed, terrifically acted film that I know will do terrifically well at any festival it is entered into, or at least it bloody well should do.

I was left wondering just how it will end throughout. And with a captivating cast and an excellent plot I was never once bored while watching, the plot twisted not once, but multiple times throughout, leaving me hanging onto the edge of my seat as I waited to finally, once and for all discover the truth behind just what the hell was going on. It was a thrilling ride, and you know what? While I am able to do so I think I will once again go and explore Ben and his paradigm altering world. Good day folks and bloody well keep you eye firmly peeled for Convergence.

Verdict 10/10

Source: Fraking Films


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Convergence Teaser Video

The writer/director Drew Hall nice enough to send me this ‘teaser’ video of Clayne’s upcoming psychological thriller, “Convergence “.  Check it out!!

Convergence Teaser from Drew Hall on Vimeo.


Teaser for the upcoming psychological thriller “Convergence”
Starring: Clayne Crawford (Rectify), Ethan Embry (Cheap Thrills), Mykelti Williamson (Forrest Gump) and Chelsea Bruland.

Written and Directed by Drew Hall
Produced by Scott Robinson
Executive Producer Denny Wilkins
Director of Photography Kevin Duggin
Production Designer Mark Terry


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Legendary’s Supernatural Military Thriller ‘Spectral’ Adds Clayne

Legendary’s Supernatural Military Thriller ‘Spectral’ Adds Clayne Crawford

EXCLUSIVE: Rectify‘s Clayne Crawford has locked in a role in Legendary Pictures’ thriller Spectral. The project, described as a supernatural Black Hawk Down, stars James Badge Dale and is being helmed by first-timer Nic Mathieu. Crawford’s film and TV credits include 24, HBO pilot All Signs of Death, The Baytown Outlaws, The Glades, Jericho, and Justified. He’ll play Sergeant Calvin Toll, a focused but short-fused military lifer. Earlier this month Max Martini also joined the cast. Project originated from a pitch by Ian Fried then was scripted by George Nolfi and rewritten by John Gatins. Legendary’s Thomas Tull and John Jashni are producers on the picture, with Jillian Share and Guy Riedel exec producing. Share will oversee the project for Legendary alongside Sophie Sikora. Crawford is repped by APA.

Source: Deadline


New Videos and Info for Warrior Road
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New Videos and Info for Warrior Road

Thanks to Xrosulya – my partner on FuckYeahClayneCrawford Tumblr – for find this!

Info about the movie:

Three young men in the waterlands of coastal South Carolina rob a backwoods juke joint and flee up the coast to Myrtle Beach, armed with psychedelics, their souped-up Cutlass and a thirst for adventure. But for one of the three, this journey is a quest for strength and courage in the face of a painful past

Info about his character:


Clayne Crawford
(Rectify, Leverage, 24, A Walk to Remember)

Laid-back, good-looking. Down-to-earth with natural good humor. Jeans and sweater is dressing up. He’s been through hard times, but has found a way to grow from the past. This is what Joseph needs to emulate. His is the key voice of the film, articulating its themes and creating reference points in Joseph’s transformation.


Their website Warrior Road. Their YouTube with updates Warrior Road Movie and their Twitter is @WarriorRoadFilm


Gallery Update – A Fighting Style, Pox, The Baytown Outlaws, & Events
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Gallery Update – A Fighting Style, Pox, The Baytown Outlaws, & Events


Click the gallery listed below:

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Movies > Pox > 2012 Excerpt Screencaps (low quality)


Film Comment – Review: The Baytown Outlaws
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Film Comment – Review: The Baytown Outlaws

By John Wildman on 1.14.2013

The Baytown Outlaws

Like a redneck puppy with an automatic weapon, Barry Battles’s The Baytown Outlaws just wants to be loved—and shoot up a bunch of stuff at the same time. You could say that the film demands that you leave your critical eye at the door, but it’s closer to the truth to say that it’s just going to do what it wants, and you can either enjoy yourself or just leave the theater. Except, to paraphrase Sally Field, it also not-so-secretly does want you to like it, to really, really like it.

The film begins as the three Oodie Brothers (Clayne Crawford, Travis Fimmel, and Daniel Cudmore), a trigger-happy trio of hit men, force their way into a gangbanger hideout looking to retrieve a fugitive. They wind up killing everyone in sight. After seeing the boys get away without a scratch or the slightest sniff from the local police, Celeste (Eva Longoria) recruits them to rescue her teenage godson, Rob (Thomas Brodie Sangster), from her estranged psychopath ex-husband, Carlos (Billy Bob Thornton).

And then the fun begins. With the sheriff (Andre Breughel) unhappily being pushed by an eager DEA agent (Paul Wesley) to stay on their trail, the Oodie Brothers make an assault on Carlos’s compound, grab Rob (whom they discover is wheelchair-bound with cerebral palsy), and head out of town. Carlos survives the attack, however, and sends out teams of assassins to intercept the Oodies and take Rob back. A band of lethal whores, some African-American road pirates (complete with an armored tank-car), and some tree-climbing Native American snipers all stand in the way of the Oodies and Rob making it alive to Celeste.

The Baytown Outlaws

The Oodies—half-cocked mastermind big brother Brick (Crawford), mute physical giant Lincoln (Cudmore), and comical idiot little brother G.I. McQueen (Fimmel)—bond quickly with Rob while on the run. Despite their Klan heritage, courtesy of their outlaw daddy, and subsequent rougher-than-rough orphaned upbringing, these guys have heart. The kid isn’t just a paycheck—they’ve more or less adopted him. And as the infuriated Carlos keeps raising the stakes, the Oodies keep thwarting the killers he sends their way.

Battles and co-screenwriter Griffin Hood throw violence, bloodshed, and cornball jokes at the screen with equally rapid-fire delivery. While their efforts to infuse the story with “heart” are handled with the same amount of nuance and care—which is to say, none at all—Baytown Outlaws maintains its raggedy puppy-dog charm. Thornton chews the scenery and spits it out just as you’d hope he would in a movie like this, and Crawford, Cudmore, and Fimmel have the right chemistry as the renegade brothers.

The degree to which you laugh or wince will depend on your taste for this type of shenanigan-filled entertainment. Even if Roger Corman doesn’t hold a hallowed place in your film universe and you would rather eat nails than see the South rise again, you will likely still have your share of giddy moments watching The Baytown Outlaws, better judgment be damned.

Source: Film Comment