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Clayne was born as Joey Crawford in Clay, Alabama in 1978. He moved west to Los Angeles initially with dreams of playing baseball for UCLA, but a knee injury ended those dreams and led to him finding construction work. After observing his friends being well paid for appearing in commercials he decided to turn to acting. Although he didn’t achieve overnight success with this he did appear in local productions and met and became engaged to Sunny Mabrey – an actress from his native Alabama – although they later split.

After 4 years with little success he changed his acting name to Clayne Crawford in honor of an ancestor named Clan and his hometown of Clay.

“It sounded really strong,” he says. “It sounded very original. It just fit.”

The change of name worked and finally in 2001 he was offered the lead role in the independent drama ‘Gas Station Jesus’ and a guest role in ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’; a recurring role on ‘Roswell’ soon followed. A supporting role in 2002’s touching teen drama ‘A Walk to Remember’ saw Crawford portraying the best friend left behind when Shane West’s bad boy does a 180 and starts dating a conscientious minister’s daughter. His first studio film, ‘A Walk to Remember’ would serve as Crawford’s breakthrough, while the Miramax teen stalker pic ’Swimfan’ (also 2002) helped to solidify the actor’s status as one to watch.

“I don’t want people to get bored of me. I want to play a little bit of everything. I’d love to work with the greats like Sean Penn, Gary Oldman, the Coen brothers, Brad Pitt. But mostly I just want to keep working so I don’t have to go back to the bricks”

More films followed including ‘A Love Song for Bobby Long’ and ‘The Great Raid’ as well as a recurring role in the first season of ‘Jericho’ and guest roles in programs such as ‘Life’, ‘CSI Miami’, ‘Criminal Minds’ and ‘Cold Case’

It was the role of Kevin Wade during Season 8 of 24 that bought Clayne to a much wider audience. Clayne himself said of characters like Kevin Wade:

“I never look at them as bad guys. I look at them as guys that are misunderstood, guys that didn’t get that love from a certain person. They’re still looking for something. They’re still trying to figure out who they are. And through that, they end up hurting a lot of people”

Recently he has been seen reviving his role as Quinn in ‘Leverage’, playing Ray Cargill in ‘The Glades’ and Lance in ‘Justified’ and in 2012 we can expect to see him as Brick Oodie in the film ‘The Baytown Disco’

Clayne is married with two children and, although he resides in LA, he makes regular trips back to his hometown of Clay


Edit 5/3/12: Clayne informed me that he never went to LA to play baseball. He always wanted to be an actor and doesn’t know where the rumors about baseball came from even though they are part of his bio on many sites.


Has won two awards:

2006 – New York International Independent Film & Video Festival  – Best Actor for F8

2003 – Young Hollywood Awards  – One to Watch – Male

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  1. Hello
    I just wanted to commend you for your fantastic & deeply disciplined work on Rectify. You play an ostensibly unlikable character — so it’s a “thankless’ role in that way — but you’ve made him so honest and believable, one cant help but have deep sympathy for the guy…who is, in his own way, suffering in in his own solitary confinement, even as Daniel is walks free.
    Honestly, Im not sure Ive seen you in anything before, but I’ll sure be looking out for you here on in.
    Of course, the whole cast in Rectify is brilliant…right down to the bit parts…but seeing as how you’re braving a particularly difficult role, I just wanted to give you a shout out for it.

  2. What’s up Joey. This is Chris Worden from Clay , Alabama. Your old buddy. Just wanted to say hey my friend. May God bless you out wherever you lay your head. Happy you got to make it big my friend. Look me up when ya come back home . Holla atcha boy.

    Chris Worden .

    God Bless

  3. Hello Clayne! No questions just wanted to mention what an excellent, magnificent and fine actor you are.. .especially in The Baytown Outlaws! I can hardly wait for more! Sending you thanks from Chicago.

  4. My son was so excited to see you in the Pig in Clay today! You are my favorite actor! Wish I could’ve been there today!

  5. This is the first letter of its kind that I have ever written. Thought about it a lot, but, felt these types of letters fall by the wayside and or go unread. But, I have hope that this letter will reach you. If it doesn’t, know that the universe has been told, by a fan, how great of an actor, director, story-teller you have become and will continue to be for a very long time.

    My first introduction to your talent was your newest character, Martin Riggs. Why you took so long to make up your mind to play this part is beyond me. It has your skill set all over it. Your connection as Martin Riggs with Roger Murtaugh, is superb. I like the banter and the way you see the need and take the lead, leaving Roger to close his mouth and catch up. You complement each other’s strengths very well. The fast talking, mixed with humor, sets a pace and keeps us involved. This part was made for you. I will continue to be a fan of this show. I hope it runs for a very long time. Good comedy timing on both of your parts.

    I have taken the time to review your credits and have gone back to watch several of them. Really liked your performance in “Perfect Host”, “Baytown Outlaws”, “Spectral”, “Life (Evel….has a brother Ziggy)” and have Jericho on my list along with the Glades. I really liked the lead actor in the Glades, Matt Passmore. I look forward to your performances on the Glades and I’m assuming we will see more of him (as Gideon) in the new season of Lethal Weapon.

    Mr. Crawford, you can be charming, witty, charismatic, compassionate and tender. You are also a protector. You do not like to fail and you definitely do not handle loss well. To the point that it breaks our hearts to see you hurting. That’s what I like best about your performances. I can laugh, get angry with you, I can cry and cheer when the bad guys are done for. All of which can happen in one episode, got to love it. lol.

    Thank you for deciding to give acting a try. It was a very good move on your part and we are the lucky ones, who get to enjoy your performances, now and in the future.

    Pamela Brown

  6. Riggs; I love the show! love it. You do Mel Gibson well. I’d like the show to be longer! How about you two making a movie/sequel of the show. You’re sooo adorable. (I’m old enough to be your mother) I do tell others about the show and how adorable you are and how you do justice for Mel….

  7. I think you are amazing and very good looking, you are also very funny, I wish you all the happiness in the world, and every bit of good luck out there, love and best wishes kerry Horne, poole dorset england

  8. Clayne.
    You are the Best!! Love Lethal Weapon. You and Damon Wayans are great togethet and make the series so real and interesting! Great Job yo both of you!!
    You both are soooo good looking and two of the Best actors!! I feel that you and Damon are sooo much better in Lethal Weapon than the originals!

    Can’t wait for season 3!!

    Love to both of you guys!!
    Laura Carr
    Troy, IL

  9. Lethal Weapon just Won’t be the same without Clayne Crawford as Martin Riggs!!!!

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