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Press: Blackmail, Leaked Tapes and Outbursts: Lethal Weapon’s Clayne Crawford Breaks His Silence


E NEWS – Lethal Weapon’s very public dismissal of Clayne Crawford made headlines for weeks. Now Crawford is telling his version of events.

Fox and Warner Bros. parted ways with Crawford following the second season of the hit drama following articles and reports of Crawford’s bad behavior on set. Crawford publicly apologized for behavior on set in April, but was fired from the series weeks later…and claims he didn’t hear from Fox or Warner Bros. In an interview on the Drinkin’ Bros podcast, Crawford recounted the events surrounding his dismissal, something he didn’t think would happen because of the high-profile role he was playing.

When the first articles came out, Crawford said he called McG, the director of the pilot and second episode of the series, and said, “I was like, ‘What the f-k is this? This is obviously [Damon Wayans] putting this s—t out here.'” Then McG called Warner Bros. and advised Crawford to do the same, and the actor called Peter Roth, head of Warner Bros. TV. Crawford said he went into the conversation asking how the powers that be could let Wayans release info to the press like Crawford believed he was doing.

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Press: 6 Bombshells Clayne Crawford Dropped About Damon Wayans During Scorched-Earth Lethal Weapon Interview


TV GUIDE – If you thought the drama surrounding Clayne Crawford’s shocking firing from Lethal Weapon had cooled down, you were in for a huge surprise on Tuesday. In a new interview on the podcast Drinkin’Bros, which is hosted by a friend of Crawford’s named Ross Patterson, the actor the actor shared his side of the firing, including the stories behind the “smoking gun” tapes tapes of Crawford’s poor on-set behavior.

But in addition to Crawford’s explanations of the events that lead to and surrounded his firing (as Crawford tells it, he only found out about his dismissal through social media), the actor also dropped several other bombshells — many about his co-star Damon Wayans, who will now star opposite Crawford’s replacement Seann William Scott when Season 3 premieres on Fox this fall.

Read on for the six other biggest revelations from Crawford’s scorched earth interview.

1. Wayans apparently never wanted to do the show to begin with. According to Crawford, Wayans never had any interest in starring in a Lethal Weapon series and initially had approached Warner Bros. Television head Peter Roth about making a completely different show.

“He told me that he never thought this thing was going to go and that he had gone to Peter Roth with another idea to do a show because he said he was ready to come out of retirement and that he wanted to make a television series,” Crawford said. “When he went to Peter, [Roth] was like, ‘That’s a great idea but let me pitch you something else first: Lethal Weapon.” Under the assumption that the Lethal Weapon pilot would never get picked up, Wayans agreed to sign onto the project, per Crawford, thinking that afterwards Roth would then agree to make the show the comedian had originally pitched. “So once we hit full swing he was just miserable,” Crawford said.

2. Crawford had initially been excited to work with Wayans. While Crawford was originally excited to work with the comedy star, he said that any illusions he had about what this experience would be like were quickly dashed once the pilot was ordered to series.

“By the second episode, [Wayans] was like, ‘I don’t want to be here. This is not what I signed up for.’ He checked out,” Crawford said. “For me, I thought I that I was going to sit behind a legend who had been doing this forever, and I could kind of learn the ropes. That was not the case. He shut down. I’m looking at buses going by in Hollywood with my picture on the side of it and I’m like if this thing sucks, I’m f—ed. So I kind of took the reins.”

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Press: Clayne Crawford Calls ‘Lethal Weapon’ On-Set Allegations “A Blatant F***ing Lie”


DEADLINE – Clayne Crawford is speaking out about his firing from Fox’s Lethal Weapon reboot.

In an interview on the Drinkin’ Bros. podcast, Crawford, who played Riggs, talks with host Ross Patterson about the allegations that led to his ouster from the Fox series. Crawford says when the first news story of the allegations came out, he didn’t pay much attention, saying he believed it would all “blow over.”

In particular, he addresses two on-set incidents, one during a location shoot in a park during which he can be heard on tape shouting “Shut the f**k up” to the assistant director over noise issues on the set.

“I knew that they had those tapes, and they had been blackmailing me with that… anytime I had a problem with [Damon Wayans],” Crawford explains. (Crawford alleged Wayans’ refused to attend table reads or film in churches). “When the incident happened, I had to pay half of my salary for that episode, I had to spend six weeks in anger management every day on my lunch break, and I had to be escorted to and from set by a security guard, so it was humiliating.”

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Media: Clayne Crawford Finally Tells His Side

I tried to embed the podcast but it didn’t work. Please listen to what happened on Lethal Weapon in Clayne’s own words. (you can skip the first ten mins of the podcast since they are ads)