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16 Comments on “Website”

  1. So happy to find this site. Yes, I am a latecomer to the world of Clayne Crawford. But absolutely fell in love for “Lethal Weapon”. His character is so wild like the Mel Gibson one. A man who has nothing to lose. Anyway, glad I found this site and I can’t wait for Season 2!

  2. Great show and he’s a great actor. I like it when he carries his own can of spray cheese for those impromptu dinner parities when the host may not have his particular brand of cheddar on hand.

  3. I believe that your the actor that is in all those things but like Gary Oldman, no one has any idea who you are. Anyway, you keep up the good work. You are really owning Lethal Weapon and now I have to relive my young days watching Buffy now looking for you. A happy fan,keep up your good work and its good knowing great actors still exist.

  4. I looked for a site about Mr. Crawford and ran across this one. It is very nicely done I gotta say. I am beyond upset about Clay be Crawford being fired! Why did I think there is another size to this story? I mean, he is being portrayed as the bad guy in this whole situation with the show even though he publicly apologized on social media. So the powers that be really thinking he is replaceable? Because without him throw show would totally flop. Sorry Damon ,but why are they saying it is your show? And why are do many actors allegedly passing on the job to take Crawford’s place? There are two sides to every story and I for one house not to just blindly believe that it is all Mr. Crawford’s fault. Nobody on the show wants to work with him anymore? Than just cancel Lethal Weapon altogether because in my opinion,it is Clayne Crawford’s show. And without him I certainly won’t be watching. He had some big shoes to fill seeing that the part of Martin Riggs was originally played in the movies by Mel Gibson,and frankly he nailed it! None of us have any business judging this guy without knowing the ” real” truth here.I say we boycott any version of Lethal Weapon Season 3 without him . Being a perfectionist and caring about your craft is not a crime. Shine on Clayne! Your true fans know there is no show without you playing Martin Riggs. Hang in there.

  5. I do not do facebook or twitter, just wanted to say I believe you just got railroaded out of Lethal Weapon. Looks like CEO friendships are tighter than an actor’s worth. I read your apology letter which I felt there was no need to write, “bad people” do not write like you did. You are a good actor, keep up the good work and look forward to seeing you in your new project.

  6. Lethal Weapon without Clayne will go bye bye! Not worth watching without Riggs…

    1. No Lethal Weapon for me without Clayne Crawford playing Riggs. No one can take his place ever!

  7. I think you should produce and film your own series cop show, just call it “LETHAL”.
    No Clayne— no lethal weapon

  8. I must of mit i never really heard about clayne crawford before he was in lethal weapon, but began to watch it and i thought it was great, and now ive heard they are getting rid of him Clayne makes the programme, hes sexy,witty,and sad at times.I think hes great.I shant be watching the programme anymore,nobody can fill his shoes.

  9. Just watched Lethal on Hulu and sooo loved this show … and Crawford’s character was by far the best! Then in researching what-in-the-H happened to the series?!? … well I know enough about Holly Wood to know that Damon would be immediately favored over Crawford because like his character in this series, he is essentially a big suck up who has lost his soul. Where Crawford has not, therefore, why he was immediately dropped makes perfect sense to me. He is not a kiss-A actor, and like his character, could give a crap. And is why I loved his character so much … he showed through Riggs a huge depth of multi layered complex understanding of what is it to be in pain beyond comprehension (while Damon is clueless pansy) … and with a devil may care for the criminal system of both sides … is a big joke yet not funny that most still do not get! … how Crawford was able to blend it all into my laughing my A-off with every episode was a rare treat. Because Damon is a kiss-A, he did not need to care because he has plenty of money and is loved by the big Holly Wood criminal bosses. IMO, the show was working due to these polar opposite characters. But after awhile the lack of Damon-depth & whinny repetitions were getting too old for me. Anyways, I am looking forward to seeing more of Crawford’s work!

  10. Lethal Weapon is a bust without Clayne. Stopped watching it after hearing of the politics of the show. Such a disappointing and disgusting lack of professionalism.

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